&Think parts before buying'

15 April 2008

A Skyking GSR E198PX platform.

A Skyking GSR E198PX platform.

Equipment buyers should think carefully about parts supply before they choose their aerial platform suppliers, says Mark Carrington (pictured below), managing director of the UK-based King Group, which includes aerial platform division Skyking – Wumag and GSR dealer in the UK – and trailer manufacturer King Trailers.

Mr Carrington says the after sales side of owning equipment is critical; “I wonder why people go out and buy an obscure piece of kit, because it's bound to be a problem... Always look at the amount of equipment that a supplier already has in the marketplace.”

Mr Carrington says the degree of parts modularity is an important consideration. In the case of GSR, for example, he says that within each of the three GSR ranges the parts and components are shared between models. This translates into a smaller stock of parts and “means that we can more easily guarantee availability.”

Still, he points out that suppliers like Skyking do not have the resources or the sales volumes of companies like JLG and Genie, nor anything like the population of machines. As he points out; “It's very easy to forecast and predict stock levels when there are lots and lots of units in the market place. Parts supply is a statistical issue.”

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