Cube mini crane from Unic

By Christian Shelton21 May 2019

New from Unic Cranes Europe is the Cube Crane mini crane, developed by Japanese company Furukawa Unic (for whom Unic Cranes Europe is the European distributor).

The Cube Crane mini crane has a lifting capacity of 0.98 tonnes at 6.44 metres and a maximum lifting height of 21.17 m. A three-section derrick boom can be set at 85°, 90° and 95° angles. It also has a five-section foldaway boom making it suitable for space-restricted projects. Multi-position outrigger configurations are possible so that it can work around permanent obstacles.

The derrick boom can be erected to a height of nine metres and the folding boom extends to a working radius of 13.99 metres. The Cube Crane can continually slew through 360 degrees and has an overall working reach of 27.98 metres. The derrick boom and folding boom can also be extended and retracted through a vertical void, if required.

To increase safety during use the crane has a safety load indicator system with an over winding alarm and an intelligent voice warning system. It comes with remote control as standard. The mini crane is 1.5 metres wide and can move around corners due to its ability to reposition the boom whilst travelling to its install location.

Graeme Riley, CEO of UNIC Cranes Europe, commented, “We see this crane being used widely by our existing customer base in a variety of restricted access environments, including narrow spaces in between buildings and inner urban environments.”


The Cube Crane in action
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