Energy company invests in Altec green truck mounts

By Maria Hadlow15 November 2010

At the handover of the Altec platforms:
From left: Population Tholin from Fortum, Daniel Abelsson fr

At the handover of the Altec platforms: From left: Population Tholin from Fortum, Daniel Abelsson fr

Fortum a leading energy company which focuses on the Nordic countries, Russia and the Baltic Rim area, has bought two environmentally friendly Altec insulated aerial platforms from Altec's Scandinavian dealer, Gantic.

Fortum's activities encompass the generation, distribution and sale of electricity and heating and the operation and maintenance of power plants, the company employs 11500 people and in 2009 the company's sales were worth €5.4 billion

Gantic is the new name of Brodrene Jogensen, the sole distributor of, not only Altec truck mounts in Scandanavia, but also Niftylift, Skyjack and GSR. Tommy Jørgensen said, "This important decision by our client Fortum confirms that there now is a real choice for buyers and managers in this sector to choose an environmentally friendly product. Fortum have made a clear commitment with this significant investment in a highly sophisticated Altec product supporting green technology."

Fortum has selected two Altec TA60 insulated aerial platforms for working within a specialist live line environment. These units were mounted onto Unimog U5000L 4 x 4 chassis. Both vehicles are equipped with remote controlled 6 t capacity Sepson winches mounted onto the front and rear of each vehicle

The platforms have environmentally friendly battery power systems designed to offers a significant environmental benefit as the chassis' diesel engine can be turned off when using the aerial platforms. The Altec system uses fiber optic technology to support and integrate this special feature within their machines.

These insulated aerial platforms reduce noise and exhaust emissions at the work site. Additional benefits include significant fuel savings and reduction to engine wear with reduced running hours.

Harald Thomassen at Fortum said, "I have on several occasions worked with the purchase of Elverk platforms [insulated platforms] and seen a so-called 'green package'. I have previously ended up with hybrid systems on the platforms that were probably worse than running off a standard engine powered system. This time I decided that it was time to try a professionally supplied and installed "green package". It is gratifying to note that with these units we have satisfied all of our requirements for working live line and also respect our environmental targets with a very successful solution. This will be good for our operators who will be working in clean air, and it is also good for the third-person in general.

"The mechanical structure of the lifts is exceptional. I have on two occasions visited these units during manufacture and final assembly. I have been continuingly impressed with the work quality of all of those involved.

"My opinion for many years has been that we needed a sophisticated Elverk [insulated aerial platform]. Other types of lifts that are not insulated should not come closer than 30 m to a power line, or from a live terminal facility. We already know that many lifts can be used in a non insulated environment and take care of work required in and around de energized station areas. We now have a live line solution that also meets and respects our environmental policy".

Mr Jørgensen of Gantic has found that many of the large companies in Norway make very high demands on its suppliers in respect their environmental and ethical policy. Mr Jørgensen says that Gantic has prioritised helping customers meet these requirements for a long period of time. "Development within this technology at Gantic has, therefore, been an important strategy for all of those involved within the business. The Aerial Platform division uses its extensive experience when creating customised, environmentally friendly solutions for the lift industry.

"Fortum was among the first to customise its requirements and we, at Gantic, are pleased to have been chosen by Fortum - resulting in the production of these sophisticated Altec machines to meet the client's specific requirements."

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