“Green” boom truck goes to Scott

25 April 2008

Scott Powerline and Utility Equipment in the US has taken delivery of what the manufacturer claimed is the world's first environmentally friendly boom truck. The National Envi (690EU) is the only boom truck in the industry that runs on biodegradable diesel and uses vegetable-based oil in its hydraulic system, the manufacturer claimed.

A benefit for companies working in environmentally sensitive locations, the boom truck works just as efficiently as other boom trucks, according to Dillard Winn, Scott Powerline fleet manager. “It operates as effICiently as any of our other boom trucks in everyday applications, but has the added advantage in that it is equipped to enter sensitive locations at any time - where a standard boom truck running on ordinary hydraulic oil may be denied access.”

The Envi was put to work by contractor MasTec, helping install 5 tonne concrete power line poles along 15.6 miles of road in the city of Terrell, Texas.

Based on the 690E, the ENVI has the same specifICations - maximum capacity of 20 tons (18 tonnes), a 90 foot (27 m) four-section boom, 45 foot (13.7 m) two-section jib, and a maximum tip height of 144 feet (44 m). It also has the same additional features, including adjustable swing speed, internal anti-two-block, high performance planetary winch, and self-lubricating Easy Glide wear pads.

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