ALH is looking for your telehandler figures

By Lindsey Anderson13 April 2010

American Lift and Handlers has started compiling its annual listing of North America's telehandler rental fleets. The listing will appear in the May/June 2010 issue.

In order to provide the most accurate data, we need your assistance. Please send editor Lindsey Anderson the following information to be considered for the annual listing:

Company name:

Headquarter location:

Number of locations/depots:

Scope of operation: Regional, national or worldwide

Number of emoloyees:

Website address:

Senior contact and title:

Capacity of largest telehandler in fleet:

Total number of telehandlers in fleet:

And if you think a customer should be in the telehandler listing, please encourage them to submit their information as soon as possible.

You can contact Lindsey by calling: 708-383-2727, or by faxing the data to: 708-383-3760 or by e-mailing:

DEADLINE is April 19.

We aim to present an accurate listing but cannot do it without your help.

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