BBA Pumps introduces offshore option

By Sarah Ann McCay16 June 2014

A BBA Pumps BA-C250 bolt on pump for offshore applications

A BBA Pumps BA-C250 bolt on pump for offshore applications

Dutch manufacturer BBA Pumps has added a bolt on pump package for use in offshore applications.

Designed for applications where there is no need for a complete skid and/or canopy, the new design features a sub-frame assembly.

The offshore model features a BA-C pump coupled to a diesel engine, including the control panel, and mounted on a galvanised sub-frame. The company said the frames could be customised, with lifting bales, protection bars or other attachments added.

It said other options included pumps manufactured from Duplex stainless steel, which enabled the pump to handle jobs inmore abrasive applications, such as environments where pH levels were unpredictable and varying.

The auto prime pumps have a capacity of 100m3/hour to a maximum of 1750m3/hour (7700 US GPM) and a head up to a maximum of 250mwc.

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