Court approves leniency for Andrade Gutierrez in Brazilian corruption ruling

By Mike Hayes18 May 2016

A request for leniency for construction firm Andrade Gutierrez, agreed with the Federal Public Ministry, has been approved by a Brazilian court.

The company – which had charges brought against it as part of the Petrobras corruption investigation – must now pay R$ 1 billion (US$ 287 million) and has agreed to cooperate with any future investigation into corruption in which it may have been involved.

The company has published a statement in a number of major Brazilian newspapers, apologising for its part in the Petrobras scandal, along with other cases.

In the text, Andrade also promised to not only clean up its own operations, but also to assist in changing the landscape of construction in Brazil.

This is the second leniency agreement signed between a large Brazilian construction firm and the Federal Public Ministry. The first to be brought before the courts was that of Camargo Corrêa.

Camargo Corrêa had its own proposal for leniency accepted by the Administrative Council for Economic Defense.

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