ESAB launches Black Series

By Leila Steed03 January 2020

Welding equipment manufacturer ESAB has launched its new Cutmaster Black Series of electrodes for the rental market.

ESAB Cutmaster Black Series Stock photo Tool and Business Hire

ESAB’s new Cutmaster Black Series of electrodes offer a 60% longer operating life

According to the company, the enhanced range of electrodes offer a 60% longer operating life than that of standard electrodes.

Kris Scherm, Global Manual Plasma Business & Product Director at ESAB, said, “With Cutmaster Black Series consumables, users will enjoy lower overall operating costs through extended electrode life and obtain more quality cuts per electrode.”

A Black Series electrode is included with ESAB’s TD Cutmaster 60i with SL60QD 1Torch and, together with the torch’s internal enhancements, is said to increase the unit’s rated cut and piercing capacity to up to 20mm - an improvement of more than 16%.

“At 16.8kg, the Cutmaster 60i already offered the best power-to-weight ratio on the market. With the Cutmaster Black Series consumables, this 60-amp unit is even more of a cutting beast,” said Scherm.

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