Eturbo turbocharger

By Christian Shelton17 September 2019

Michigan, USA-headquartered powertrain specialist BorgWarner has enhanced its turbocharger portfolio for commercial vehicles with the development of an electrically assisted turbocharger: the eTurbo.


BorgWarner’s eTurbo can provide up to 17 kW of continuous power and up to 23 kW of peak power

Designed for large, mid-size and small commercial vehicle engines, the eTurbo incorporates an electric motor that can be used either to add torque to the turbine shaft to enhance performance or to generate electrical energy from the exhaust gas flow.

The eTurbo has a high-efficiency (or temperature-capable) permanent-magnet motor that provides up to 17 kW of continuous power and up to 23 kW of peak power. BorgWarner said the eTurbo enables downspeeding and downsizing without performance loss. BorgWarner added that it also provides increased torque at low engine speeds and improves time-to-torque while reducing turbo lag. The electrically-assisted turbocharger also has active map shifting, designed to increase total air system efficiency.


The eTurbo can provide increased torque at low engine speeds says BorgWarner

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