Goldhofer launches Mega PST

By Gino Koster22 May 2008

Goldhofer's new Mega PST/ES-E is a new generation SPMT offering 50 tonne axle loads

Goldhofer's new Mega PST/ES-E is a new generation SPMT offering 50 tonne axle loads

German manufacturer Goldhofer is shaking up the market for self propelled modular transporters (SPMT) with the introduction of the PST/ES-E, writes Gino Koster

International Cranes and Specialized Transport and American Cranes & Transport exclusively reveal details of the new so-called Mega PST. It is based on the 2,430 mm container width and has an innovative 50 tonnes capacity per axle line.

Drastic change has characterised the SPMT market in recent years as three of the world's largest suppliers were acquired by one owner. The original 2,430 mm wide transporter has four wheels per axle line and computer controlled and electronic multi-directional steering. Current offerings from manufacturers in Germany, France and Italy are container-sized SPMT systems with a gross capacity of 36 to 40 tonnes per axle line.

Goldhofer has taken a different approach with its design of the Mega PST by incorporating market requests to increase capacity per axle line. The new design offers a gross capacity of 50 tonnes per line, 10 to 14 tonnes more than current SPMTs on the market. The higher gross capacity also reflects in a 25% increase in net capacity per line and per trailer module, resulting in a substantial reduction in the cost of transporting by SPMT, according to Goldhofer.

It should be remembered that the road to be travelled needs to support the increased axle loading and that the load itself needs a large enough bearing area. This also applies to the frame and other components of the Mega PST. The manufacturer claims a sufficient safety factor in the design, for example, by using higher capacity tyres, with sufficient spare capacity, that allows for short-term extreme peak loads that are unavoidable in day-to-day heavy haul operations.

Goldhofer claims that the Mega PST is superior to conventional self-propelled modular trailers on all criteria.

Steering ahead

The Mega PST has the multi-directional steering system from the PST/SLE, Goldhofer's 3 m-wide SPMT-type transporter, which is based on the popular THP/SL conventional modular trailer. The maximum steering angle offers plus and minus 135 degrees, sufficient to provide all steering patterns, including crab and rotating on the spot. The hydraulic suspension offers a stroke of plus and minus 350 mm from a standard loading height of 1,510 mm. Power packs up to 490 hp run the hydraulic system, including the hydrostatic propulsion, and comply with the latest engine exhaust requirements, including EPA III in North-America.

Goldhofer claims that the new Mega PST transporter will contribute substantially to turnover, especially because of its unique features giving advantages over similar systems. With the new Mega PST the manufacturer expects further growth in, especially, markets for hydrostatically driven self propelled transporters. In addition to the traditional heavy haul market, Goldhofer expects the Mega PST to be of interest to the ship building industry.

According to Goldhofer, the first major orders for the new type comprise more than 100 axle lines. Nippon Express and joint-venture partner UTOC, both Japanese heavy hauling and lifting specialists, will take delivery of 100 lines of Mega PST in 2008. Berard Transportation in the USA has ordered 32 lines. Berard was also the first to order the 3 m wide PST/SL-E, which can be operated with the Mega PST as one transporter, via the interlinked computers in the power packs.

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