Indicators for set up

By Maria Hadlow07 August 2012

Omme Lift’s Mini 15EXJ in outside maintenance work.

Omme Lift’s Mini 15EXJ in outside maintenance work.

The Omme Lift Mini-Series is designed to be towed behind a mid size car or small van and weighs between 1050 and 1500kg with working heights from 10.5m to 14.6m. They are compact in dimensions and when stowed they retract to a narrow width, which will allow them to pass through many garden gates to gain access to the rear of single family homes while still offering up to 8m of outreach, even at lower working heights.

The Mini 12 and 15 are available with on board battery power and the 10.3 as a 230 volt AC powered unit.

The Mini Series feature an easy-to-use operation panel in the basket, with easy-to-use joysticks for lift functions and an emergency stop. The control box in the tower has the same functions.

There are indicators for stabiliser support, with each of the stabiliser handles numbered and a spirit level to ensure the machine is in a horizontal position.

Safety indicators turn from red to green as each of the stabilisers is correctly deployed.

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