JCB recruits as market rebounds

By Mike Hayes27 January 2021

UK manufacturer seeks 400 new shop floor workers to cope with expected equipment demand

JCB is giving up to 300 agency staff permanent contracts in areas including welding, fabrication and machining

UK-based manufacturer JCB is set to recruit more than 400 production workers as it anticipates a surge in production following “strong demand” from mainland Europe and North America.

The company says it has seen a rebound in the demand for construction equipment, following the contraction of business, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

JCB is seeking agency staff to work in areas including assembly, welding and fork-lift truck operations, while offering permanent contracts to a further 300 current agency employees.

JCB’s chief operating officer Mark Turner said, “In March 2020 our orders dramatically disappeared overnight when the Covid-19 pandemic took hold and while we were able to protect our shop floor workforce, regrettably many staff positions were impacted. It took more than six months for the business to recover to production levels we last saw in March 2020.

“This year has started strongly and our forecasts predict a continued solid recovery, with strong demand from mainland Europe and North America. This means we are now in a position to recruit many more shop floor colleagues and offer permanent JCB contracts to a large number of existing agency employees. After a tumultuous 12 months, this really is good news.”

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