Just like the big boys

15 April 2008

Construction equipment is working its way into ground care, as increasingly compact models make 'big' machine performance available to end users.

A good example is the manoeuvrability offered by Hamm's compact HD 8 roller, a characteristic of the 3-point centre pivot steering the German company developed initially for its bigger machines. Its 800 mm drum width and 1,5 t operating weight make it an attractive, highly productive alternative to vibrating plates, says the manufacturer.

Drum offset of 50 mm and unobstructed visibility allow compaction right up to landscaping borders. “It really did compact right up to the edge, both on the straight sections and bends ” said Marco Werner, project manager for 5000 m2 of new gardens at the Cistercian Abbey in Waldsassen, Germany.

Landscapers who need to remove material, instead of compacting it, might want to consider zero-tail swing excavators, such as Mustang's new 380ZT. The 3560 kg machine digs to a depth of 2,67 m and reaches out to 5,44 m.

The unit also has the highest traction force in its class, says the US company, allowing it to push about a lot of dirt. Maximum drawbar pull is just over 3000 kg. IRN

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