Klubb introduces first van mount in China

By Euan Youdale23 October 2019


Thierry Aubrey, CEO, Renault China LCV (left); and Julien Bourrelis, CEO, Klubb. 

France-based Klubb has launched the first van mounted platform in China, following a new partnership with Renault’s Light Commercial Vehicle (CVL) department.  

It follows Renault’s acquisition of established Chinese vehicle manufacturer Junbei, after which the company updated Junbei’s products, as well as bringing original Renault vehicles into China.

Klubb linked up with Renault to offer van mounted access platforms in China for the first time. The first product, on display at APEX Asia,  is the 12m working height GKS12, mounted on a Junbei van. 

XCMG has also joined the partnership as official dealer for the products, and will provide a complete service offering with maintenance and operator training as part of the sale. 

New products are also planned, including 14m and 16m working height van mount models.

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