Linden Comansa launches luffer family

By Alex Dahm09 March 2010

Linden Comansa's LCL 190 is the first in a new series of luffing jib tower cranes from the Spanish m

Linden Comansa's LCL 190 is the first in a new series of luffing jib tower cranes from the Spanish manufacturer

April's Bauma exhibition in Germany sees the launch of the first model of a new family of Linden Comansa luffing jib tower cranes.

The LCL 190 luffing jib tower crane will be Linden Comansa's main launch at Bauma. It is the first model of a new series of luffers in development. A primary characteristic of this family will be modularity. Most of the jib sections will be interchangeable across the series. In addition, mast sections will be interchangeable, both among the cranes of this luffing jib series and also with Linden Comansa flat top tower cranes. The modular system is designed to help rental companies, the Spanish manufacturer's main customer.

Two versions of the new luffer will be available, with maximum loads of 12 or 18 tonnes. Jib length of the LCL 190 will range between 30 and 60 m, adjustable in 5 m increments. The standard version will have a maximum height of 49.5 m, erected over a 6 m cross-base using S25 mast sections.

The new crane is designed for easy erection and transport. Hoisting mechanisms are situated in the front, close to the cabin, instead of mounted in the counter jib. As such, erection weights are lighter, the counter jib radius is reduced, and the mechanics of the hoisting cable are improved as the route is much simpler. In addition, both the hoisting and luffing cables are shipped from the factory with preinstalled reeving, for faster erection.

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