Mammoet moves on GCGV plastics project

By Alex Dahm17 May 2021

Large grey girder structure like a piperack on 496 lines of red SPMT One of the biggest modules on the GCGV project in Texas, USA, was moved by Mammoet on 496 lines of SPMT

Nearly 500 axle lines of self propelled modular transporter (SPMT) were used to move the largest modules so far loaded in to the GCGV plastics plant construction project.

At the peak of the project Mammoet had 1,578 lines of SPMT in operation on the Gulf Coast Growth Ventures (GCGV) site in Texas, USA. GCGV is a joint venture between Exxon Mobil and Saudi Arabian petrochemical company SABIC, set up to develop a plastics manufacturing facility in San Patricio County.

Dedicated road

To move the largest module Mammoet used eight sets of SPMT, each with 62 axle-lines, for a total of 496 axle-lines. Before making the moves an almost 5 mile (8 km) temporary road was especially built for the project. It crossed Highway 181 and the FM 2986 roads which were closed to allow the transports through. Mammoet worked with the Texas Department of Transportation to make the closures at times least inconvenient for other road users.

Large grey girder structure like a piperack lit up at night on 496 lines of red SPMT Two roads had to be crossed between the port and the new petrochemical plant. Mammoet moved at night to minimise traffic disruption

Commenting on the moves Wendell Johnson, Mammoet project manager, said, “Mammoet is pleased to have the opportunity to provide our equipment and expertise to GCGV. We are proud to have been selected as a valued team member and strive to continuously deliver our part in bringing this facility to fruition.”

SPMT was brought in from six Mammoet depots around the world, drawing from its total fleet of more than 4,700 axle lines.

An impression of the GCGV site in San Patricio County, Texas, from the south west
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