Rio de Janeiro road project

By Thomas Allen15 November 2017

In January 2018, the Ponte Rio-Niterói in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is set to undergo what was said to be the largest-scale work to be done on the bridge since its inauguration almost 45 years ago.

In a project led by the concessionaire Eco Ponte, which manages the bridge, the Rio-Niterói bridge will be connected with the Línea Roja and Avenida Brasil roads via the Red Line bridge.

The 2.5km Red Line bridge, with two elevated lanes, will exit the Reta do Cais at Portico 3 and will continue on from the Army War Arsenal, with a connection to the Red Line at Parque Alegria.

At the same time, work on Port Avenue will also begin. It will involve the building of Avenida Portuaria – an exclusive route for cargo vehicles that will follow Avenida Brasil towards the Cais do Porto.

Investment for the construction of the Red Line bridge and Port Avenue will come in at around 450 million reais (US$136 million).

It has been predicted that the works, which are expected to start in January 2018 and be completed in May 2020, will directly generate about 1,500 jobs.

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