Spray in control

By Lindsay Gale10 February 2015

A DustBoss DB-45 is providing effective dust control at a concrete and asphalt recycling centre in C

A DustBoss DB-45 is providing effective dust control at a concrete and asphalt recycling centre in California, USA

A Californian recycler is using a DustBoss DB-45 atomised water mist generator to control dust at its Chula Vista facility, which sees dozens of dump trucks deliver recovered road surfacing and demolition waste every day. Reclaimed Aggregates Inc, formed in 2005 as a subsidiary of Pavement Recycling Systems, added the Chula Vista site to its two other locations in Colton and Lancaster in 2009.

The former is now its largest location, where it processes concrete and asphalt. Material is offloaded onto a 61 x 61 m (200 x 200 ft) dry earth receiving area and immediately moved by front loader to a crusher or into storage piles, creating a large volume of dust as a result. RAI first tried a sprinkler system to control this dust, which was causing issues for adjacent businesses, but this solution just saturated the material to create mud but dust was still an issue.

RAI then tried the DustBoss DB-45 and found its range well suited to the size of the area requiring dust management. The unit is able to throw its atomized plume 46 m (150 ft) to deliver effective dust control over a 1,115 square metre (12,000 square foot)) area. When equipped with optional 359° oscillation, the design can cover as much as 16,875 square metres (74,000 square feet) from a single location.

RAI facilities manager Robert Erautt said: “The DustBoss made an immediate impact, On hot dry days — which we get a lot of around here — a little breeze can carry dust a long way. We just turn on the atomizer and you can see the mist pull the dust out of the air. The unit is on a metal carriage, so we can adjust its position if the wind changes, but generally it stays in one place.”

“We leave the machine running most of the day if it isn’t raining,” We haven’t had a single call from our neighbors about dust from the day we added it.”

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