Tadano's line-up packs a punch at ConExpo

By Christian Shelton03 March 2017

Tadano is 'over the moon' with the reception its new GR1200XL rough terrain crane has received at Co

Tadano is 'over the moon' with the reception its new GR1200XL rough terrain crane has received at ConExpo 2017

Crane manufacturer Tadano reports that it has received a lot of interest in its new rough terrain crane, the GR-1200XL, which it has launched at this year's ConExpo show in Las Vegas. The 120 US ton (109 tonne) capacity newcomer is at the core of Tadano’s large rough terrain line-up and the company says it offers the industry’s longest boom and jib combinations.

According to executive vice president of sales and marketing, Jay Shiffler, the product was developed specifically for the North American market for industrial, commercial and energy sites where high maneuverability, durability, and good lifting performance under tough conditions are required. Tadano also told us that, in response to customer feedback, it realized there was a need for cranes in the 100 US ton class to have higher reach capabilities, longer boom lengths and larger lifting capacities. As a result it has developed the GR-1200XL to be both compact (it has a similar size as Tadano's GR-1000XL) and high-performing.

Tadano says the GR-1200XL has the largest maximum lifting capacity in its two-axle rough terrain crane product line-up. This is achieved using a strong and light high tensile steel formed boom that features a single telescopic cylinder. The crane has a 184.0 foot (56.1m) lifting height and a maximum 144.3 foot (44.0m) working load radius.

Extra reach is provided by a jib which extends the lifting height to 241.4 feet (73.6m), with a boom only load radius reaching to 153.8 feet (46.9m).

The new RT also features Tadano’s newly-developed Smart Chart, a safety device and control system. Using this the crane can achieve a square-shaped rated load capacity footprint by using extended 'corners' over the outriggers that increase the load radius depending on the degree to which the outriggers are extended.

The GR-1200XL also comes equipped with Tadano's fuel monitoring system; Eco-Mode, which reduces fuel consumption when the crane is being operated; and positive control, which reduces fuel consumption when the crane is on standby.

Using its 'Hello-Net' telematics system, Tadano says its customers can monitor their crane’s activity, work history, position data, and maintenance information via computers and mobile devices.

In addition to the GR-1200XL, Tadano is also showing its upgraded all terrain crane, the ATF 110G-5, at ConExpo. A new feature of this crane is its multiple counterweight configurations for ease of transport. Tadano claims it is one of the strongest and lightest five-axle AT cranes in its class. It features a five-section, 170.6-foot (52.0m) boom. With a maximum counterweight of 79,366 lbs (36 tonnes) and at a 10-foot (3m) radius, the crane can lift 230,603 lbs. (104.6 tonnes) and swing 360 degrees, giving a powerful strength-to-weight ratio.

The redesigned ATF110G-5 is configured with a new bi-fold jib (up to 18m) on board that includes a heavy duty 12.5 foot (3.8m) jib integrated into the boom extension. Jib inserts take the total jib length to 105 feet (32m) for a total system length of 275.6 feet (84m).  A mechanical operated jib can be off-set to either 20 or 40 degrees. The hydraulically-operated jib can be offset at intervals between 0 and 40 degrees with load.

The newly designed five-axle carrier has 10x8x10 drive/steer, with a speed-dependent all-wheel steering system. The crane can travel at speeds up to 53 mph (85.3 kph), thanks to the Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder Tier 4F with 530 HP (390kW) engine and a ZF AS Tronic transmission. Disc brakes come as standard.

 New features of the lower chassis redesign include enhanced LED lighting, flat front windscreen, increased visibility, a tyre pressure monitor system, tightly sealed outrigger control boxes, and a new in cab monitor with full on-board diagnostics.

The operator’s cab also has an electrically activated ‘tiltable’ cockpit, air conditioning, and a programmable engine pre-heater. The optional Xenon lights on the boom head can be controlled without taking the operators hands off the joystick. Asymmetrical outrigger setup is a Tadano innovation has been in use for over 20 years. For added safety the asymmetrical outriggers along with the working range limitation functions all incorporate the ‘slow-stop’ feature.

A pair of new telescopic crawler crane models (now approved for global sale) are also on display at ConExpo 2017: the 88 US ton (80 tonne) capacity GTC‐800 and 66 ton (60 tonne) GTC-600. The GTC‐800 is the second in the GTC series designed to accommodate requirements of the growing Tadano Mantis core markets of power transmission, bridge and civil, and foundation construction while expanding the broader appeal of the crane toward lift crane based markets, the manufacturer said.

The GTC-800 has a full power, five‐section 141 foot, 1 inch (43 m) hydraulic boom is designed to perform for lift work and out‐of‐level, pick‐and‐carry, and foundation work. Boom extension options include a 33 foot or 58 foot (10 or 18 m) bi‐fold jib that can be offset at 3.5, 25, or 45 degrees. Maximum lifting height with the full jib is 198 feet (60 m). An optional 8 foot (2.5 m) heavy lift jib with a capacity of 23.5 tons (21 tonnes) that offsets at 3.5° and 30° is also available.

Load charts for the GTC‐800 are available for operation at up to 4° out of level with automatic load chart switching. The ‘level’ ground load charts have a 1.5° slope allowance.

The 60 tonne Tadano Mantis GTC-600 has a 118 foot (36 m) four section boom and 10 or 17.7 m bi-fold jib. It is powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 litre Tier 4 Final diesel producing 310 hp. Many of its other features are the same as on the larger model.

Gold Lot, booth number G4137

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