Toromont reports reduced repair costs

By Helen Wright23 November 2015

Canada-based Toromont, which owns several large Caterpillar dealerships, has claimed a 30% reduction in repair costs after using Groeneveld greasing systems on its fleet.

The company said Groeneveld was its preferred supplier for automatic lubrication systems, and it was now its choice for use on its heavy rental fleet.

Toromont heavy rents asset manager Matt Visentin said, “It’s a great product with the back-up of a solid service organisation, able to support us and our customers in the entire region we serve.

“And our customers as well as Toromont Heavy Rental benefit from the values of automatic greasing, which include higher productivity and less repair and maintenance and increased residual value.”

Groeneveld already supplies automatic lubrication systems to Toromont dealers for the after-market, while many machines can also be ordered ex-factory with Groeneveld lubrication systems.

Based on the positive experience with the system, Toromont said it decided to conduct a trial with the system for its heavy rental division.

“Five different machines were equipped with Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems, and they worked extremely well”, said Mr Visentin.

“Since we started equipping our equipment with Groeneveld we have seen a 30% reduction in repair costs”, Mr Visentin added.

“With machines operating under severe circumstances in remote areas, which is not unusual in our region, proper daily maintenance like greasing is a challenge. Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems offer the right solution for every machine and all kind of applications.”

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