Volvo's Stage IV high reaches unveiled

By Lindsay Gale08 April 2015

Volvo's new E Series high reaches, such as the EC380EHR, meet Stage IV/Tier 4 Final emission require

Volvo's new E Series high reaches, such as the EC380EHR, meet Stage IV/Tier 4 Final emission requirements

Volvo’s new 46.4 tonne EC380EHR and 57.1 tonne EC480EHR both feature a Volvo Tier 4 Final/Stage IV diesel and offer an improved working range over 360° to reduce the need for repositioning during demolition operations. According to Volvo, its latest generation of high reach benefit from improvements to the machine structure and hydraulic system, with each optimised to carry heavier attachments (3 tonnes in the case of the 380 and 3.5 tonnes for the 480) and the maximum pin height has been increased to widen the working range. This gives the EC380EHR a height of 23.1 m (75.7 ft) and the EC480EHR a height of 28.2 m (92.4 ft).

A hydraulic modular joint uses a dual full pin lock mechanism to release digging equipment and change from high-reach demolition boom to standard. To achieve the correct flow and pressure for hydraulic attachments such as breakers, shears, crushers, sorting grabs and tilt rotators, the machine can be factory fitted with a wide variety of hydraulic lines to suit.

The attachment management system stores the settings for up to 20 different hydraulic attachments for ease of operation. Depending on the hydraulic options configured, the management system can store flow, maximum pressure and settings for operating comfort.

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