Add-on system

24 April 2008

Finland-Based Kone-Lappi'S Excadrill system can be attached to the boom of excavators over 7 tonnes “in minutes”, according to the company.

The ExcaDrill 22, 32, 38 and 45 drill holes from 22 to 45 mm. Extensions rods are available for the 32, 38 and 45 making the maximum diameter of each 64, 89 and 127 mm respectively. According to marketing manager Jani Rönkkö the Excadrill is ideal for bolt drilling in tunnels and preparing the ground for water and sewage pipes.

“The ExcaDrill system is a fully self contained system that doesn't require complicated plumbing, all the necessary valves and controls are contained on board. It fully adapts to existing hammer plumbing and includes full anti-jamming when drilling through fractured rock,” said Mr Rönkkö. “The drifter senses varying material hardness and automatically adjusts the feed pressure, rotation and forward and backward feed speeds, together with the percussion pressure,” added Mr Rönkkö.

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