ALE expands in the Netherlands

By Alex Dahm31 August 2017

ALE at the VDS Staalbouw yard in NL

ALE at the VDS Staalbouw yard in the Netherlands

UK-headquartered international heavy lift and transport specialist ALE has expanded its operations in the Netherlands.

A deal has been agreed with VDS Staalbouw for ALE to store equipment at the heavy steel fabrication specialist’s yard in in Vlissingen.

It gives ALE a local footprint in the Zeeland area and makes it easier to work with local companies, ALE said.

ALE will store a range of equipment there, including self propelled modular transporter (SPMT), power packs, steel ground mats, transport beams and offshore equipment. It will allow quicker mobilisation of equipment, which will mean faster and cheaper service.

Richard Verhoeff, ALE sales manager, said, “Since the start of this year we have been executing operations within this area, handling a lot heavy steel structures and cargo, and we wanted to expand our storage resources to better service our clients.”

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