ALE launches widening trailers fleet in South Africa

By Ian Vallely25 January 2016

ALE has invested in a range of widening trailers in South Africa

ALE has invested in a range of widening trailers in South Africa

With 1.8m axle spacing, the trailers have a strong spine beam, which minimises the need of load spreading on trailer. They have a capacity of up to 45t per axle line (two-file).

Configurations include 3m wide two-file and 4.3m wide two-file. The 4.3m wide setup is technically more stable than the normal three-file setup. This not only adds strength and flexibility, but, by providing a stable platform for long distance transportation, is safer.

Ferdi Roberts, ALE’s sales manager in South Africa, said: “These new widening trailers offer a smarter, safer and stronger transport solution for our clients. We will use fewer axles than our competitors for the same load requirements as well as offer improved stability at the same time. They will also perform exceptionally well on site moves as well as road transportation and, with the added geometric and hydraulic stability, outperform on strength and versatility.”

He added: “With the ability to widen out at different configurations they provide the much sought-after flexibility that is lacking in the industry in South Africa. At 1.8m, the trailers are better suited to our local requirements, clearing bridges easier than our competitors and ultimately providing a safe and innovative package that puts us at the forefront.”

ALE has ordered 48 axle lines of the latest trailer and is lined up to work on several transportation contracts.

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