Art gallery first to buy BoSS X3X in Australia

06 December 2010

Wollongong City Gallery buys Australia's first Youngman BoSS X3X scissor.

Wollongong City Gallery buys Australia's first Youngman BoSS X3X scissor.

The first Youngman BoSS X3X push-around access micro scissor lift sold in Australia has recently been delivered to Wollongong City Gallery by local distributor Platform Sales Australia of Miranda in New South Wales.

Managed by Wollongong City Council, the Gallery is one of the largest regional art museums in the country and houses an important collection of Australian and Aboriginal art as well as a wealth of historical documents.

Current Council policy dictates that any staff member working at height must do so as safely as possible, with conventional ladders being very much a last resort. For this reason the gallery approached Platform Sales to help source a suitable lift that was light enough to be used on its polished timber floors and compact enough to gain access to the passenger lift for transportation between floors.

Platform Sales Australia's director John Lyon said, "We were approached by gallery director John Monteleone who had been searching for a suitable platform for the past 12 months. Ladders were too small, scaffolding too time consuming and awkward and other powered access too heavy. We were, therefore, very confident that the new BoSS X3X would provide the perfect solution."

Once introduced to the Gallery management they saw the Youngman's model was suited for there needs including providing a working height of at least 5 m to enable staff to make the frequent changes of lighting required for different exhibitions held within the building.

The battery powered BoSS X3X has overall dimensions of 0.76 m x 1.41 m and weighs 390 kg. Standard equipment includes an auto-braking system, which prevents the unit from being moved unless the platform is in the fully retracted position and a tilt sensor. This sensor, combined with a concentration of weight in the base of the machine, enables it to work safety without requiring additional stabilisers, even at its maximum working height of 5.2 m.

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