Atlas Copco's back to basics approach for China

27 November 2012

Atlas Copco has introduced the ‘basic’ five model C Series breakers for carriers from 4 to 50 tonnes, which are specifically intended for the Chinese market. The new breakers feature vibration dampening and a slim, compact box design. As with other AC breakers, they also feature energy recovery to optimise percussion performance by increasing blow frequency.

The five models are the 300 kg (660 lb) C 70, 400 kg (880 lb) C 80, 1,500 kg (3,300 lb) C135, 1,750 kg (3,850 lb) C 140 and 3,150 kg (6,930 lb) C165. They are intended for use in a wide range of applications in the construction industry, including masonry and concrete demolition.

According to Torsten Ahr, marketing manager for Atlas Copco’s hydraulic attachments: “China is the only construction market in the world which is dominated by the basic breaker segment, and our new C-Series is the perfect complement to our existing product portfolio in this market. In the C-Series a triangular case design has been adopted, and the machines offer impressive improvements in performance and efficiency in the basic breaker segment. They will enable us to meet the specific needs of the Chinese market.”

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