ATN supplies French Air Force

By Euan Youdale06 November 2013

Florence Gayraud, ATN commercial manager, with three members of French Army.

Florence Gayraud, ATN commercial manager, with three members of French Army.

The French Ministry of Defence has ordered two all terrain scissors from manufacturer ATN, based in the country.

ATN won a contract to supply up to 10 platforms to the French Air Force’s Operational Air Support Group (GAAO) over the next four years. The chosen machine, an all-terrain diesel-powered CX 15 has a working height of 15 m, a 16 square metre platform and a 700 kg capacity.

The platforms will be used in internal (OPINT) and external (OPEX) operations and will require specific features for different applications. ATN believes one of the applications will include assembling aircraft buildings.

“As this equipment will be deployed in different countries around the world, the platforms and their accessories had to be adapted to suit tropical conditions,” said an ATN spokesman. “To do so, ATN has integrated stainless steel fittings and hydraulic connectors.”

A cyclonic oil filter was fitted to withstand extremely dusty conditions and an anti-corrosion coating was applied to the whole platform before final painting of NATO green colours. As part of the contract ATN has also provided training to the machine operators.

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