Benefits of galileo

01 May 2008

Integrating galileo with other technologies should help to improve logistics, optimise human resources, lead to increased efficiency with no loss in quality, and increase safety on the construction site.

Structure Monitoring

Receivers on bridges, barrages, dams, skyscrapers and historical monuments will provide important structural monitoring. Satellite techniques can also be used in predicting natural events such as landslips, land settling/rising, rock-falls, and measuring the levels of rivers and lakes.

Machinery Guidance

Receivers and real-time kinematic techniques can guide construction equipment precisely to perform their work. The same technique can be used for automated guidance of machines working in dangerous areas or simply to save manpower in repetitive work. The computer compares the actual Galileo-derived position with the desired finished terrain, using grid files created from topographic maps.

Construction Site Management And Logistics

During the construction of large structures it is important to have efficient logistics as well as a coherent and common localisation tool. The way to access the work area often changes as construction advances, and many vehicles are on the move at the same time. Galileo will provide continuous and highly accurate positional information for the entire construction site.

Road/Rail Infrastructure Maintenance

Roads and rail tracks must be surveyed periodically to look for changes in shape and loads. Often, this disrupts traffic as the maintenance vehicles go about their work. Galileo will speed up the work by stamping each measurement with a date and position. Then, processing and data analysis can be made off-line. Fleet management systems can monitor the location and activities of maintenance vehicles.

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