Bolivia’s first Grove GMK6400

By Christian Shelton04 August 2017

Bolivian transport and logistics company, Alanoca, has purchased a Grove GMK6400 all-terrain crane from crane manufacturer Manitowoc. According to Manitowoc, this is the first Grove GMK6400 in the country.

Bolivias first grove gmk6400 quickly put to work on construction projects across the country

Bolivias first grove GMK6400 was quickly put to work on construction projects across Bolivia

Alanoca says it purchased the 400 t (450 USt) capacity AT crane because it is well-suited for large-scale projects. Indeed, the crane has already been used by contractors for work at a cement factory and it will soon be utilised on a project to construct a petrochemical complex.

According to Manitowoc, the GMK6400 offers the best lifting capability of any six-axle mobile crane and includes a self-rigging Mega Wing Lift capacity-enhancing attachment. The main boom on the GMK6400 is 60 metres and, when working with its luffing jib, the crane can perform lifts no other six-axle or even seven-axle crane can currently achieve, Manitowoc claims. It also features a range of unique design elements, including a single-engine concept and a MegaDrive hydrostatic drive system.

“We purchased the GMK6400 to provide a robust, reliable machine to our clients,” Roberto Alanoca, spokesperson for the company and son of its founder, explained. “We’re seeing an increase in local demand for high-capacity, all-terrain cranes that can handle a variety of projects. So far, our customers have been very pleased with the crane and its performance on these job sites.”

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