Compact Brno

By Steve Skinner18 November 2008

The Brno motorsport track in the Czech Republic recently underwent comprehensive resurfacing work.

Contractor Kirchhoff GmbH and Co turned immediately to its fleet of BW174 Bomag asphalt rollers equipped with state-of-the-art measuring and control systems (asphalt manager) to ensure a speedy and accurate finish to a job that featured tolerances of just 3 mm and volumes of up to 3000 tonnes of laid material each day.

“We had to install a complete race track of 5,4 km in length and between 15,2 m and 17,2 m wide in just eight days,” said Hans-Joachim Bauer, site manager at Kirchhoff. “To create the 60 mm base took four days and then we had another four days in which to lay the 40 mm surface asphalt. “

Surface compaction control across the fleet was achieved through Bomag’s rapid control circuit to ensure that the fleet of compactors created the necessary finish over 4 passes.
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