Compact Jaso luffing jib launched

By Euan Youdale22 April 2010

Jaso J280PA luffing jib tower crane

Jaso J280PA luffing jib tower crane

Jaso has launched an 18 tonne capacity luffing jib tower crane designed for compact construction sites.

The J280PA has a 3 tonne capacity at the maximum 60 m jib and represents a move to smaller, yet strong tower cranes at bauma.

The mast section is 2 m square, and designed for easy transportation as it does not require a flat rack container. The jib sections also slide inside the mast.

At 60 m reach the maximum freestanding height is 45.1 m, rising to 56.3 m with a 30 m jib length.

The counter jib is short, at 6.9 m and the ballast is steel rather than the lighter concrete option.

There are one and two fall options. At 1 fall maximum drop is 818 m and maximum capacity is 9 tonnes, while at 2 fall that is halfed and the capacity doubled to 18 tonnes.

Additionally, there is a clamp break in the luffing mechanism as standard, while a clamp in the hoist is optional. The load levelling system allows the hook to be kept in a constant position while the jib is luffed up.

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