Cramo: the punk rock connection

By Murray Pollok08 March 2010

Cramo's Vesa Koivula in the YouTube video, also featuring 'The Cramones'.

Cramo's Vesa Koivula in the YouTube video, also featuring 'The Cramones'.

What links Cramo and legendary punk rockers the Ramones? The answer is a new ‘viral' marketing campaign from the company that features a spoof band called ‘The Cramones', introduced to the world via a YouTube video showing them being chased out of Cramo's offices by an irate Cramo CEO, Vesa Koivula.

The story of Cramo and the Cramones will unfold over the coming weeks as more videos are posted on YouTube. The first video was posted on Friday and had already generated over 300 visits by Monday morning. At the same time, a website for the band,, has been created, with band biographies and more.

The campaign is the idea of Lasse Huuhka, marketing manager of Cramo Finland, who told IRN that it was initially conceived simply as a bit of fun; "It started as an internal booster - last year was not very good and there has been very little fun stuff going on. Then we thought, why not spread it out. It was so obvious - the Ramones - that we thought we just had to do it."

The aim, ultimately, is to generate more traffic to the Cramo website.

The band is actually made up of Cramo employees, including one who was an original punk in Finland in the 70s. "He is the only one who is serious about it", jokes Mr Huuhke.

The first video can be watched at

The viral campaign coincides with the launch of serious Cramo videos on YouTube showing different aspects of the company and its services. A couple have already been posted on the site and Anders Collman, Cramo's head of corporate communications, said he hopes to have posted around 10 videos within a few weeks.

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