Cranes and transport Intermat 2015 show guide

02 April 2015

From 20 to 25 April at the Paris-Nord Villepinte site in France, this 10th edition of the show will

From 20 to 25 April at the Paris-Nord Villepinte site in France, this 10th edition of the show will occupy 375,000 square metres, accommodating 1,350 exhibitors and around 200,000 visitors

April 2015 sees the global construction equipment industry migrate to France for the Intermat exhibition. IC previews the show.

Three years have flown by since the 2012 Intermat and this year’s event, the largest construction equipment exhibition in 2015, is approaching fast. From 20 to 25 April at the Paris-Nord Villepinte site in France, this 10th edition of the show will occupy 375,000 square metres, accommodating 1,350 exhibitors and around 200,000 visitors.

The event is organised by SE Intermat, which brings together trade associations CISMA (Association of Equipment Manufacturers for Construction, Infrastructure, Steel and Handling Equipment Industries) and SEIMAT (Association of International Civil Engineering, Mining, Construction and Hoisting Equipment Industries) as well as event organiser Comexposium.

The organiser reported that 238 new brands have registered for the show. Other big names at the exhibition include Kobelco, Liebherr, Terex and Zoomlion.

For the 2015 Intermat, a new exhibition layout has been introduced – as well as using the new Hall 7, the show will also take up the outside demonstration areas together with halls 5A, 5B and 6; instead of halls 3 and 4.

Visitors from the crane industry will have plenty to see, including a new tower crane elevator from Liebherr. The 200 kg capacity LiUP is mounted inside the tower crane mast or, for smaller cranes, on the outside. It allows the operator to ascend and descend tower cranes with current and older mast systems instead of having to climb ladders to reach the operating cabin. Also on show from Liebherr will be the 172 EC-B 8 Litronic flat-top crane.

Crane manufacturer Sennebogen will have several products on show, including the 6113 telescopic crawler crane, the new 640 HD duty cycle crawler crane and the Sennebogen green line material handling machines.

Kranlyft will display a range of Maeda Mini Cranes, including the new MK1033CW-1 and the updated MC285C-2.

Details of a selection of the new products on show follows below:

AMCS Technologies
On show from AMCS technologies will be an updated version of the DCS60 anti-collision system. The product was launched in 2012 and has since been updated with a new display function, a new data-logger function and a wind speed recording function.

“The DCS60 system is a crane operator aid for the management in 3D of interferences with static and mobile obstacles on jobsites,” a company spokesperson said. It is designed to fit all types of crane.

The system provides users with access to data in real time over an internet connection. Data is presented to the operator on a two-dimensional colour 8.4 inch SVGA screen. The display shows information relative to crane movements and the surrounding environment such as time, wind speed, sensitive site areas and other cranes on site. The DCS60SUP can monitor up to 60 cranes at a time and logs all events related to crane positions, including slewing, trolley, travelling and radius.

From hydraulic truck mounted crane manufacturer Atlas are two new models, a new radio remote control system and a new stability safety system.

First of the new cranes is the AK 440.2, which has a three-fold extension and a 1 tonne capacity at its maximum reach of 22 metres. The slewing gear with twin rack and pinion system means it has a large slewing torque and on-the-spot slewing movements, the manufacturer said. It has a support width of 7.4 m and stabilisers are offered as standard, fixed or vertical. Internal hydraulic hoses to the stabiliser extensions are also available.

Also new from Atlas is the 206.3, which comes in variants from A2 and A8 (number of hydraulic extensions). Safe working load is 450 kg at its maximum reach of just less than 21 m. The model is available with various control options, including top-seat, dual ground or radio remote control. Support widths are up to 7.4 m, meaning the crane can be safely mounted to even the lightest of vehicles, the manufacturer said. Among the other cranes displayed by Atlas will be the AK 57.3 loader with up to four extensions, the AK332.3 and the AK 126.3E. The 129.3 V A12 loader crane with a 9.6 m reach will also be there.

The new Atlas / Ahmeko stability control system is designed to guarantee the stability of a truck mounted with a loader crane. Four ultrasonic sensors mounted on the truck’s axles measure distance to the ground and when one changes the crane is stopped automatically. The load on the vehicle and any counterweight are automatically taken into account. It is a simple and reliable system that requires little setting up and almost all trucks can be retrofitted with it, Atlas said. Supplied as a kit the patented system is fitted by the crane installer and it is designed to work with all loader cranes.

New configurations in Cummins’ QSF engine series will be on show, focused on simplified installation packages intended for rental equipment applications across the 37 to 55 kW power range.

The non-charge air cooler (CAC) version of the 2.8 litre QSF has an upgraded fuel injection and combustion system. It is available at 49 hp and 65 hp (37 and 48 kW) ratings for both 2,200 min-1 and 2,500 min-1 applications. The non-CAC ratings join the existing QSF2.8 line-up with CAC from 49 hp to 74 hp (37-55 kW) at 2,500 min-1 configured for applications with more demanding duty cycles.

Meeting Stage IV regulations, the QSF2.8 is joined by the QSF3.8, which will be available at a 55 kW with a “fit and forget” Cummins diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) to bring the same service-free after treatment advantage provided by its smaller counterpart QSF2.8 engine.

This after treatment downsizing will allow equipment positioned in the 75 to 90 hp (56 to 67 kW) category to eliminate the need for a more complex selective catalytic reduction (SCR) or diesel particulate filter (DPF) system, the manufacturer said.

Curtiss-Wright will display its Arens Controls, Penny & Giles, PG Drives Technology and Williams Controls brands. From Arens, it will show by-wire shift selectors for automatic and automated manual transmissions for on-highway vehicles, including trucks and buses; and off-highway mechatronic controls including multiple-function operator consoles and hydrostatic lever controls. Key sectors include hybrid vehicle power management systems such as traction inverters, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters and power distribution modules.

Penny & Giles branded products will include a range of finger- and hand-operated, multi-axis joystick controllers and handle options; linear and rotary positions sensors, tilt sensors and solenoid actuators.

Products from the PG Drives Technology brand include AC, AC/DC and permanent magnet motor controllers developed for small industrial vehicle applications.

Also on show will be an integrated, multi-module aerial work control system that controls a platform’s entire functionality, including variable lift, lower and traction.

The Williams Controls brand will be represented by a range of floor mounted, narrow, suspended, LCV, EM and rocker pedals. Also included are complementary systems, for example, lever operated and rotary electronic hand controls and a range of standard and customisable heavy-duty industrial joystick controllers.

From manufacturer Epec is a new 7 inch (178 mm) 6107 display unit. The company is also planning to launch the 6112 Display Unit, 6100 Main Unit, 6100 Remote Access Unit, 5050 Codesys 3.5 version Control Unit and EPC-i14 Mobile PC. The control units have housings built to IP67 protection level, can operate between minus 40 and 85 degrees Celsius and have protection against mechanical shocks up to 100 G, the manufacturer said. Epec units are certified for automotive use.

FPT Industrial
A highlight on show from power train manufacturer FPT Industrial will be the Cursor 16 engine. The 13 litre engine is designed for large construction and material handling equipment, including cranes and wheel loaders. It is compliant to Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emissions standards and offers outputs of up to 570 kW with maximum torque of 3,320 Nm at 1,500 min-1 in its single stage version and up to 630 kW with maximum torque of 3,500 Nm at 1,400 min-1 when available in its double stage version, the manufacturer said. The Cursor 16 is the first FPT Industrial engine to have a Compact Graphite Iron (CGI) cylinder head, which provides high thermal and mechanical resistance.

Manufacturer of specialized transport equipment Goldhofer will showcase low loader semi trailers equipped with MPA Axle Technology.

Stefan Fuchs, Goldhofer CEO, said, “Together with Bauma in Munich and ConExpo in Las Vegas, Intermat in Paris is one of the world’s big three trade shows for the construction equipment industry. And with Intermat, our innovative MPA Technology comes full circle. I am confident that the response to our exciting MPA axle technology will be just as convincing in Paris as it was at the presentations we made in Munich and the USA.”

The MPA Axle Technology is a lightweight suspension system. It was developed with axle and suspension specialist BPW, hydraulic cylinder company Neumeister, and Heyd, a manufacturer of ball joints, links and other parts. Features include a 60 degree steering angle, 350 mm suspension stroke and a minimum loading height of 780 mm in the lowest position.

Goldhofer has extended the MPA range to include the MPA-V, a drop-deck version with removable gooseneck, and the MPA-K with a choice of goosenecks and front and rear bogies.

In addition to the new suspension system, Goldhofer will also showcase a THP/SL modular vehicle. The THP/SL range includes the 16 tonne THP/SL-S, the 26 tonne THP/SL-L and the 45 tonne THP/SL.

Manufacturer of remote controls Ikusi will have its I-Kontrol range on show, including the IK2, IK3 and IK4.Ikusi also offers the Eeproms recorder and the TMConfig, which enable the equipment to be configured even on site. Other equipment on show includes the Type I and II T70 push button boxes, which are fitted with multiband radio.

The new MP20 and MP08 receivers will also be on show. The models have a robust, compact design and, according to the manufacturer, offer better error diagnosis and are easy to set up and maintain. Both receivers are based on TM70 technology so they are fully compatible with all the transmitters in the range. The MP20 has a graphic display, which shows both analogue and digital inputs and outputs set up in the receiver.

KHL Group
Publisher of IC and around 10 other construction industry-related titles, KHL Group is at stand 6D 002. Visitors are welcome to come and meet the team. Please bear in mind that we will be out and about around the show for much of the time.

A pair of G-series lattice boom crawler cranes will be on show from Kobelco. They are the 250 tonne capacity CKE2500G and 135 tonne capacity CKE1350G. The 135 tonner is sold to Q Crane & Plant Hire Ltd in the UK. It is part of a two-crane order. Features include a full hydraulic operating system right from the joysticks, with closed circuits and, for easy transport, boom sections that can be put inside each other. G-series features for saving energy include maximum winch speed available even at low engine rpm and an idle stop function. The Euro Stage IIIB / EPA Tier 4i engine reduces fuel consumption by up to 30 % over preceding models, according to the manufacturer.

Full main boom on the CKE1350G is 76.2 m and with the 27 tonne capacity fixed jib the maximum combination is 61.0 + 30.5 m. With the 36 tonne capacity luffing jib maximum combination length is 44.8 + 53.3 m and 64 m working radius.

On the CKE2500G the full main boom is 91.4 m and maximum working radius is 96.6 m from the maximum boom and fixed jib combination of 76.2 + 30.5 m. The 80 tonne capacity luffing jib has a maximum combination length of 61 + 61 m giving an 84 m working radius.

Liebherr Cranes
New in the mobile crane department from Liebherr is the 160 tonne capacity LTM 1160-5.2 wheeled telescopic crane. The 5-axle model was first presented in 2014 at the ConExpo show in Las Vegas. It has a 62 metre telescopic boom and its carrier is 2.75 m wide. In addition to extra boom extensions, the LTM 1160-5.2 has a 1.8 to 19 m folding jib and can achieve a maximum hoist height of 99 m and an outreach of 78 m, the manufacturer said. The folding jib can be erected to an angle of 0, 20 or 40 degrees. For work in two-hook operation, a second hoist gear and a 2.9 m assembly jib and a rooster sheave is available. The LTM 1160-5.2 has a maximum ballast of 54 tonnes with a width of 4.27 m. It has a total weight of 60 tonnes for 12 tonnes per axle. Power comes from a single six-cylinder 400 kW Liebherr diesel engine compliant with Tier 4 Final. Its Liebherr Liccon2 crane control system also has an Eco mode, which helps minimise both fuel and consumption and noise generation by automatically calculating the right engine speed for lifts.

All the cranes presented during the Intermat show by Liebherr will be available with the Liebherr variable supporting base. The VarioBase system makes it possible to individually extend crane supports while still maintaining safe operation with the load moment indicator within the LICCON control system. The system helps prevent accidents caused by incorrect operations, the manufacturer said.

A highlight from the Liebherr-Werk Biberach tower crane division will be its facelifted version of the 160 EC-B flat-top tower crane, the new Liebherr 172 EC-B 8 Litronic flat-top. Unveiled for the first time, it has increased lifting capacity at the jib head and is now capable of hoisting 2.1 tonnes at a 60 m radius at the jib head. The 172 EC-B has a capacity of 8 tonnes. It also has new transport designs, meaning the load hook and trolley can remain on the job pivot section during transport.

When combined with 120 HC, 170 HC or 256 HC tower systems, it has a maximum free-standing hook height of 71.4 m. Standard equipment includes a 37 kW frequency converter hoist gear, used in 2-line mode. Hook height up to 328 m and an empty hook speeds up to a maximum of 177 m per minute. A 45 kW frequency converter hoist gear is available as an option. The new 172 EC-B 8 Litronic is fitted with the Litronic crane controller system for safer operating.

Also new for tower cranes from Liebherr is the LiUP crane driver access elevator. The 200 kg (two people or one and equipment) capacity LiUP is mounted inside the tower crane mast or, for smaller cranes, on the outside. It allows the operator to ascend and descend tower cranes with current and older mast systems instead of having to climb ladders to reach the operating cabin. It is a double rack 2 x 2 pinion design and maximum height of lift is 300 metres.

The length of the elevator’s rails are matched to the mast section and can be left in position in the tower sections and re-used the next time the crane is erected. New cranes and mast sections can be ordered from the factory with or without rails and the rails can be retrofitted to existing mast sections already in an owner’s fleet. No power supply cables, ropes or drag cables are needed, Liebherr said, as the electronically controlled system is powered by a lithium-ion battery. When the elevator is at the bottom of the mast the battery is docked for charging from a mains power supply. On descent there is an electrical power regeneration system that helps to recharge the battery. Liebherr claims an enegy recovery rate of 40 %. In emergency recovery situations the elevator can be operated independently of the tower crane.

Internal mounting is possible on Liebherr masts of 2.3 x 2.3 m and bigger, including the following: 185 HC, 256 HC, 355 HC, 500 HC and 1000 HC. External mounting is required on the following: LC, 120 HC, 140 HC, 170 HC, 256 IC and 355 IC.

The new elevator is designed to comply with the EN 81-43:2009 Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts. Special lifts for the transport of persons and goods. Lifts for cranes standard. It is also made to comply with the EN 13849-1:2006 standard on safety requirements for design and integration of safety related parts of control systems, including software, for machinery, Liebherr said.

Also on show from Liebherr will be a new simulator for deep foundation machinery and crawler cranes up to 300 tonnes. The simulator offers users a realistic computerised construction site, complete with buildings, roads, fences and even obstacles such as uneven ground or rock, the company said. The simulators have full HD flat screens, surround sound speakers and moving platforms. They are available in three configurations, including classroom, cab or containerised solution. “Using the crawler crane simulator the operator learns, easily and efficiently, how to operate crawler cranes in a safe environment,” a spokesperson from Liebherr says. “Above all, the various lifting tasks such as loading and unloading a semi-trailer represent a special challenge for the operator and can be fulfilled at different difficulty levels.”

LSI Robway
The latest products on show from manufacturer of crane instruments LSI Robway will be the new underhook load cells. Made from aluminium, they are designed for all applications in the lifting industry, the manufacturer said. The load cells ship pre-calibrated with an accuracy of +/- 1 % of the working load limit. In addition, the wireless underhook load cells can be used with the new load cell communicator software, which displays real time data, a company spokesperson added.

The underhook load cells are made with a 5:1 safety factor on the working load limit and are proof loaded to 150 % of the capacity. Sizes range from 12.5 to 500 tonnes, with a line of sight range of 1,300 m. Power is from D-cell size lithium batteries, which have a two year battery life, LSI said. They can work in temperatures ranging from minus 35 to 60 degrees Celsius.

The RCI-8510 rated capacity limiter and crane controller will also be on display. The system has a daylight-readable colour graphic display and a range of sensors both for load moment and hoist rope tension load monitoring. The 8510 complies with national and international standards, including EN 13000-2010, Cranes – Mobile Crane and ISO 13849, Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems.

Kranlyft, a Maeda distributor, will display a range of Maeda mini cranes, including the new MK1033CW-1 and the updated MC285C-2 with 850 kg capacity searcher hook. The MK1033CW-1 knuckle boom crane is 750 mm wide and has a 995 kg capacity. It has a 6-section hydraulic luffing boom and jib, a maximum working height of 1.3 m and a maximum working radius of 9.9 m. It has an optional hydraulic winch with 850 kg capacity and multiple outrigger positions. The model is dual fuel and is ready for either a combination of petrol/LPG- or diesel-electric power, the company said. The compact machine is suitable for a range of applications, including panelling and cladding work, through to glass handling. It is also suitable for specialist lifting applications or in restricted areas on domestic and commercial construction sites.

This French company will show a range of its capacity enhancement trailers for Renault Master or Iveco Daily size vans. An articulating crane can be mounted behind the cab and a large close coupled trailer is then attached, over the rear chassis, with its axle just behind the van’s rear axle, effectively making an extended and increased capacity (2 tonne) pick up truck.

Manufacturer of crane monitoring systems Rayco-Wylie will present the i4500 all-in-one rated capacity indicator (RCI). The system will be installed on a Unic spider-crane. The RCI is designed to monitor boom sequencing, outrigger monitoring, range limitation and wind speed. Data and camera images are displayed on a full colour screen. It is made to comply with European safety standards EN ISO 13849-1.

From TII Group, the main exhibits will be an MDEL-TP from Nicolas, a Scheuerle-Kamag K25 PB (PowerBooster) and a Scheuerle SPMT (self propelled modular transporter) with blade adapter.

“With the new low bed semi-trailer with Ackermann steering that we are taking to the Intermat, we provide flexible, robust and efficient quality vehicles,” said Bernd Schwengsbier, Tii Sales chairman of the management board.

German crane manufacturer Sennebogen will exhibit in Paris with its French sales and service partner Sygmat. New products on display will be the 6113 telescopic crawler crane and the new 640 HD duty cycle crawler crane. Green Line material handling machines will also be on display.

The 40 tonne capacity 640 HD crawler is powered by a 186 kW Caterpillar diesel engine. It is designed for heavy duty engineering work and can be configured with attachments, for example, a rope grapple or drag-line bucket. It has two 12 tonne freefall winches, a 41.1 m boom and auxiliary jib and fly boom as options. It is fitted with 700 mm wide 3-grouser track base plates, is 3 m wide and its upper carriage is 6.62 m long. Total weight with the base boom section is 38.7 tonnes, which can be further reduced to 30.5 tonnes, allowing it to be transported via flat-bed trailer. Its Maxcab comfort cab can be angled to 15 degrees and elevated by 2.7 m.

Also on display will be the 6113, Sennebogen’s largest telescopic crawler crane. Its safe working load is 120 tonnes and it boasts a 40 m full power boom. Configurations include fly boom and lattice boom extensions, extending the boom height to 70 m. It can also be operated out of level to a maximum of 4 degrees, Sennebogen said. It has 8 m long heavy duty travelling gear elements and 900 mm wide crawler track shoes. In addition, the undercarriage can be telescoped out to a track width of 5.4 m. It is also fitted with a Maxcab, which can be inclined 20 degrees. The model has a Starlifter telescopic undercarriage, which can be set up in a few steps, within a short time, the manufacturer said. Power comes from a 168 kW Cummins engine that meets Tier 4 Final emission standards. The machine also has the Eco Mode function to minimise emissions.

Machine simulator firm Tenstar has collaborated with multifunctional joystick supplier Svab to create a number of equipment simulators to be seen at this year’s Intermat. Tenstar simulators equipped with SVAB’s L8 multifunctional joystick grips have been used to create machines ranging from excavators and cranes, to wheeled loaders.

Among the Terex Cranes products on display at its outdoor boothwill be the Explorer 5600 all terrain crane. It was first seen at the 2014 ConExpo show in the USA. A design focus was to give it compact dimensions. Total length is 14.3 m and the carrier is 2.75 m wide. Axle loads can be from less than 9.1, through 12 to 16.5 tonnes per axle where permitted, with 2,440 mm axle spacing and a maximum of 1.4 m front overhang, the manufacturer said. It also has the new asymmetrical outrigger positioning system.

Also on show from Terex will be the new CTT 181 flat top tower crane. The 8 tonne capacity model has a maximum jib length of 65 m and a maximum load moment of 180 tonne-metres.

Demonstrations will be given of how Trimble‘s latest Connected Site solutions connect workers, machines and projects across the planning, design and construction lifecycle with its mix of hardware, software and mobility technologies. Data is delivered in real-time to contractors and other project stakeholders to inform them about materials, people and other asset utilisation, with a view to improving productivity. Benefits include completing jobs faster, reducing costs, improving safety and reducing environmental impact.

Off highway machinery manufacturer Tyri will launch the new 1323 LED work light. The new Tyri 1323 LED delivers a 13,500 lumen output with a 6.3 amp draw. It has a curved design and 30 degree mounting options. The light will also be available in an AC version. It is available with EMC class 5 rating and IP69K protection.

Clayton Foster, Tyri global business development director, said, “We are excited to introduce the audience at Intermat and the off highway industries worldwide to the updated Tyri brand. We have been working hard to develop new innovative and exciting products, some of which will be on display on our Intermat booth, with more launches planned in 2015. All Tyri products undergo a wide variety of tests to ensure they are tough and durable and give the maximum amount of usable light for any application.”

Volvo Penta
Volvo Penta will show two new engines, the 5-litre D5 and 8-litre D8, in addition to its wider range. The company will share a stand in Hall 6 with sister companies Volvo Construction Equipment and Volvo Trucks. An 11 litre Stage IV engine will also be on display.

The D5 and D8 are available in Stage IV versions using selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Stage II and Stage IIIA versions are also available for some markets outside Europe. Regardless of their exhaust emissions performance, the company said all its engines share a common footprint, with components like the turbocharger located in the same place on all models - making design and installation easier for machine manufacturers.

The manufacturer said the new engine design, with a stiffer block, gives higher torque at low engine speed. Despite greater displacement, fuel consumption is 2.5 % lower than on previous models, the manufacturer said.

From hoist manufacturer Groupe XL is the X- UP 200 elevator. The rack and pinion construction elevator is designed primarily for use on tower cranes. It is fully automatic and offers safe access for crane operators to get to their workstation, the manufacturer said. The X-UP 200 can be customised to suit individual cranes. It has a touch screen control panel and a corrosion-resistant finish. The mast is lubricated automatically and maintenance can be carried out from inside the cabin, a spokesperson added.

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