Deere updates mower line

15 April 2008

John Deere has given all its tractor mowers a common designation, the ”X” series, and a common frame design. Additionally, two new ranges, the X300 and X500, expand the line to four ranges.

The X540 multi-terrain model (above) tops the two ranges and features a 19,4 kW, V-twin, liquidcooled Kawasaki petrol engine. It also offers Deere's iTorque engine system, foot-operated traction assist and power steering. Additional operator features include a hydraulic lift control on the dashboard of the mower deck.

All the X300 and X500 lawn tractors have automatic transmissions, TwinTouch foot controls, and cruise control. Their Edge Xtra and mulch decks offer cutting widths from 960 to 1570 mm and adjustable cutting heights from 25 to 102 mm.

Deere expects the 12,8 kW X300R (rear discharge) model to be its most popular rental mower. It has the new TurboStar mower deck, which integrates a blower to propel and pack the grass into the hopper. The X300 series has three other models, including the four-wheel steer X304.

At the top end of the X series is the 700 range the 17,2 kW X700 petrol and 17,9 kW X740 (2WD) and X748 (4WD) diesel machines, which replace the X495 and X595. Options across the range include frontmounted blades and brooms.

Deere has made anti-vibration a standard feature on its new range of 520 mm wide commercial, walkbehind mowers. The proprietary AVS feature in the handlebars of these machines meets the latest EU directive requirements.

A 4,8 kW petrol engine powers the three models of the range. The single-speed C52TS discharges to its side, while the C52T and variable-speed C52VK and C52T discharge to the rear.

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