Delta-Q to offer free educational series

By Lindsey Anderson23 April 2020

Delta-Q Technologies (Delta-Q), a provider of battery charging solutions, is launching a free, four-part educational series that will cover best practices around onboard battery charging, as well as how to leverage software and charger data to maximize machine runtimes.

The courses, called “The Charge,” include three on-demand videos followed by a one-hour live webinar. Topics will include how original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can design and validate chargers onboard electric machines, mitigate battery failure and safety risks with charger software profiles and extract charger data to help reduce maintenance spending and improve overall usage. The live webinar on Day 4 will provide a Q&A with Delta-Q’s charging experts and a new product announcement.

Nicholas Dohmeier, senior power electronics engineer with Delta-Q, will lead the four-part series. Each video consists of 3-4 minutes of subject matter

“The Charge” schedule:

  • Day 1: May 18: Get Rid of Charging Failures with Onboard Battery Charger Reliability and Validation Testing
  • Day 2: May 19: Mitigate Premature Battery Failure with Charger Software
  • Day 3: May 20: How Leveraging Your Floor Machine’s Charger Data Can Save You Thousands of Dollars
  • Day 4: May 21: Q&A and New Product Announcement

“We are excited to share our new on-demand series to help OEMs make informed decisions and set their organizations up for long-term success,” said Dohmeier. “Our four-part educational series will prepare manufacturers who are interested in designing electric equipment with modern charging solutions.”

Those interested in viewing the educational content can register for access by registering here.


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