Deutz and Terex produce hybrid

By Sandy Guthrie16 April 2013

The Deutz/Terex Fuchs hybrid excavator on show at Bauma

The Deutz/Terex Fuchs hybrid excavator on show at Bauma

A hybrid excavator is being revealed at Bauma from Deutz and its partner Terex – it is manufactured by Terex Fuchs and equipped with a Deutz hybrid system.

With support from the German Federal Ministry of Economics & Technology, Deutz embarked on the Green Industrial Diesel (GRID) project last year.

The aim was to develop a hybrid drive for the industrial machinery sector, consisting of a diesel engine and an electric motor, in order to reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The target is to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by 20 to 30%.

A compact Deutz diesel engine was turned into a hybrid through the use of a Bosch electric motor. The aim was to develop an efficient, energy-saving drive system, suitable for widescale use in industrial commercial vehicles with the broadest range of requirements.

The hybrid engine is designed to operate both as a series and as a parallel system. The power source is a Deutz TCD 6.1 diesel engine with flange-mounted motor generator which feeds electric energy into a so-called supercap pack.

Based on the double-layer capacitor principle, the supercap pack acts as an electrical energy storage unit. It provides the electric drive with the power it needs to pivot the vehicle’s upper structure, and the electric drive motor feeds current back into the supercap pack when arresting the pivoting manoeuvre.

The integrated hybrid system is said to achieve additional efficiency benefits through the interaction of the diesel engine and the motor generator. The start-stop function automatically shuts down the engine when the excavator is idle. Re-starting is also automatic, initiated by the motor generator, which also supports the overall system by providing a power boost when the drive system is operating in the peak load range.

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