Enersys' efficient charging

By Maria Hadlow29 May 2012

Its latest range of high frequency (HF) smart chargers, the Hawker Life IQ, combines high efficiency and wireless communication into a single compact wall-mounted design which saves floor space. These fully programmable chargers - available in single and three-phase versions - are designed to reduce electricity costs through improved efficiency.

A built-in clock allows operations to be programmed to exploit off-peak electricity tariffs. Equalisation charge can be started when convenient and dates programmed for each event. Charge level is indicated by a colour-changing display panel and the unit's menu is fully user-programmable.

Wireless communication between charger and battery is enabled by an EnerSys WI-IQ battery monitor fitted to the main DC cable.

Information on charge, temperature and voltage can be uploaded wirelessly to a computer for analysis. A USB port on the front panel enables data upload and download. An Ethernet port for remote management and diagnostics of a charger fleet is available as an option and, when connected to a network, supports charging management on a worldwide scale.

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