Enter the IAPA photo competition and win €1000

By Murray Pollok02 November 2012

The winner of the Access Photograph of the Year at the 2012 International Awards for Powered Access

The winner of the Access Photograph of the Year at the 2012 International Awards for Powered Access was taken by Uwe Schneider of German rental company Mateco. It was taken at the medical association

This year’s IAPA awards will for the second time include an Access Photograph of the Year competition, again generously sponsored by UK rental company Facelift Hire.

A prize of €1000 will go the best picture sent to us by the deadline of Friday 1 February, 2013. (The deadline for all other IAPA awards is Friday 21 December.)

As with last year, judges will be looking for a spectacular or beautiful shot that helps promote access equipment and/or highlights an important aspect of safety or productivity. It must be a photograph of a real job, and it is important that all relevant safety procedures are followed.

Photos can either be sent directly to the Editor of Access International, Euan Youdale, (E-mail: Euan.youdale@khl.com) or to your contact at IPAF. The IAPAs are a joint venture between IPAF and Access International.

The competition is not open to professional photographers or the media, and the prize will go to the individual operator, site worker, service engineer, delivery agent, trainer, trainee or manager who takes the best picture.

When you submit the photo please provide some basic information, including, if possible, when taken, what project, what machine, owner of platform and the client for the job.

Access International and IPAF will be allowed full use of any entered photographs.

The photographs will be judged by the same panel assessing the other IAPA entries. The photograph should have been taken in the period between January 2012 and the closing date of 1 February 2012.

The photographic competition is part of the IAPA awards, which will be presented at the IPAF Summit and IAPA awards event in Miami, Florida, on 26 March, 2013. The deadline for the other award categories in the IAPAs is Friday 19 December.

For more details, see www.iapa-summit.info

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