ERA’s TCO Calculator can be embedded

By Thomas Allen21 November 2019

It is now possible to embed the European Rental Association’s (ERA) Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator on external websites.


The ERA’s TCO Calculator was updated and relaunched earlier this year

By embedding the calculator on their sites, rental companies and associations will be giving their customers direct access to the calculator, enabling them to perform single calculations without saving them.

In this way, they will be able to draw comparisons and make informed decisions by working out the total economic value of an investment.

If users want to save their calculations, they will be directed to the TCO Calculator website and encouraged to register.

Having been overhauled and relaunched in March 2019, the calculator now offers an unbiased comparative analysis of the total cost of equipment under Lease vs. Buy vs. Rent (LBR) scenarios for two types of machines: general construction equipment weighing less than 15 tonnes, and excavators and loaders above 15 tonnes.

Calculations show the variables with the biggest impact, such as residual value risk and substitution risk and cost, as well as the total cashflow of each LBR option, plus the net present value.

In addition, the new calculator offers a comprehensive overview of all the LBR models alongside the parameters that influence the final comparison of the total cost of ownership under the different scenarios.

The calculator can be embedded using this link:

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