ERA welcomes Renovation Wave initiative

By Thomas Allen14 October 2020

The European Rental Association (ERA) has welcomed the publication of the European Commission’s Renovation Wave initiative and calls on EU decision-makers to seize this opportunity to move towards a more circular, low-carbon construction sector.


Michel Petitjean, Secretary General of the ERA, said, “Today’s publication marks an important milestone in the EU’s quest to promote sustainable building practices, affirming that the Renovation Wave will only succeed if emissions are drastically reduced in the construction, renovation and demolition phases of the building lifecycle.”

He stressed the importance of reducing emissions produced by construction equipment; “It is particularly encouraging to see that Commission experts will explore ways to cut CO₂ emissions by reusing building materials and reducing construction waste. However, it is equally important to consider emissions stemming from the construction equipment being used.

“Currently, this represents the missing link between the Renovation Wave and New Circular Economy Action Plan.”

Petitjean highlighted the results of a study commissioned by the ERA to look at the carbon footprint of construction equipment, which showed that renting can reduce emissions in many cases by at least 30% over the full lifecycle of the product.

“It is, therefore, imperative,” continued Petitjean, “that EU policy-makers assess ways to promote renting together with other low-carbon practices as part of the Renovation Wave.”

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