Exhibitor listing

24 April 2008

Barin’s new ABC 60/L is designed to provide access to undersides of bridges.

Barin’s new ABC 60/L is designed to provide access to undersides of bridges.

Access International Area 42 Stand 20

AI exhibits with its Italian representative, Mediapoint & Communications, in the media zone. Copies of all KHL Group magazines will be available from the stand.

Alimak Hek Pad 35 Stand RENTAL and Area 48 Stand D/45

The Italian subsidiary of Alimak Hek will exhibit from its range of mast climbing equipment.

Airo Tigieffe Area 45 Stand B/36 - C/32

Airo will exhibit from its line of self-propelled aerial platforms.

ASClimber Area 42 Stand B/16

Spain-based Asclimber will show its new XM L mast climber alongside its XM material hoist/transport platform. The XM L has a maximum platform length of 25 m, a maximum capacity of 2500 kg and a 120 m maximum height. The XM has a 700/1000 kg capacity and speeds of 12 and 24 m/minute.

Assodimi Area 35 Stand RENTAL

Italy’s rental and dealer association exhibits in the SAIE rental area.

Barin Area 42 Stand B/44 - B/81

Barin has extended its range of under bridge access units with the new, aluminium ABC 60/L. It has basket capacity of 300 kg and can reach 4 m below a bridge deck and 6 m laterally.

Benelligru Area 44 Stand C/42

Benelligru will exhibit from its range of self-propelled platforms.

Bluelift Area 42 Stand B/13

A selection of crawler mounted platforms from Italy’s Bluelift.

Böcker Italia Area 42 Stand B/29

Böcker will exhibit from its range of hoists and platform crane trucks.

Braviisol Area 49 Stand B/10

From Braviisol expect the latest version of its 4.9 m working height, 150 kg capacity Leonardo access platform, which features a new electronic control system.

Bronto Skylift Area 47 Stand B/75

The Finnish manufacturer, making a rare visit to SAIE, will show one of its XDT truck-mounts.

CMC Area 42 Stand B/85

CMC Platforms will show its PLJ 360, whose three-section boom provides a maximum working height of 36 m, a maximum outreach of 26 m and a capacity of 440 kg.

Cela Area 44 Stand F/11

Cela produces telescopic booms for vehicles 3.5 t GVW, or heavier, and spider AWPs.

Comet Officine Area 44 Stand D/43 Area 45 Stand A/10

Comet makes articulated booms for trucks and other carriers.

CTE Area 45 Stand B/40 - C/36 - B/44 - C/42

CTE will show a variety of CTE and Bizzocchi branded platforms. Standing tall will be the new version of the 23 m working height AUTEL 230 HP, as well as the company’s 32 m KJF 320.

Dieci Area 48 Stand E/113

Dieci will exhibit from its range of telehandlers.

Electroelsa Area 48 Stand C/46

A selection of hoists and work platforms.

Electronort Area 44 Stand B/10

Electronort is one of many Italian hoists and work platforms producers exhibiting at SAIE.

Euroscaffale Pad 35 Stand E/5

Euroscaffale will exhibit from its range of mast climbing platforms.

Faraone - IMA Area 42 Stand B/40

Faraone makes personnel lifts and other access equipment.

Faresin Handlers Area 45 Stand D/65

Faresin, which is no longer in partnership with Haulotte, will show a selection of its range of telehandlers.

Ferrari International Area 44 Stand D/23

Ferrari makes access equipment accessories.

Genex Area 45 Stand D/24

Genex will exhibit from its line of scaffolding and ladders.

Genie Industries Area 45 Stand B/40 - C/36 - B/44 - C/42

Exhibiting at its Italian rep’s stand, CTE, Genie equipment on display will include the Z-135 and Z-51 articulated booms, the GS 3246 scissor, and selected telehandlers.

GSR Area 44 Stand B/16

Debuting in the Italian market is GSR’s 220 kg basket capacity, 29 m working height, zero tail-swing E290PX articulated boom for 7.5 t GVW trucks. Also on the stand will be its 14 m E148T platform on a Euro 4 Iveco carrier.

Haulotte Italia Area 45 Stand D/68

Haulotte’s Italian subsidiary will exhibit from its line of access platforms.

Hinowa Hall 36 Stand A/97

Here visitors can view Hinowa’s Lightlift 19.65 platform with a working height of 19 m and an outreach of 6.5 m.

IPAF Italia Hall 35 Stand RENTAL

IPAF exhibits in the rental area in hall 35. At 11.00am on both Friday and Saturday the organisation will give a presentation on operator training for aerial platforms at the ‘Rental School’ area in Hall 35. It also hosts a conference on the Thursday afternoon.

Isoli Area 44 Stand C/18

Isoli will exhibit from it range of PT, PMT, and PTJ lines of AWPs.

Italmeccanica Hall 26 Stand A/362

Italmec makes a range of truck mounts.

Iteco Area 45 Stand D/24

Pride of place at Iteco’s stand goes to its new 10 and 12 m working height, 1.5 m width electric scissors, the IT 10151 and IT 12151.

JLG Industries Area 45 Stand B/50 - C/48

Centre front at JLG’s stand will be the new 266 Lo Pro, the smallest machine of its compact telehandler range. The 2600 kg maximum capacity machine features a 75 kW Deutz engine and a 5.8 m lift height.

Leader Area 45 Stand B/28

Leader is the Italian dealer for Worldlift Industries, Niftylift, Skyjack, Sky High, and RAM.

Lionlift Area 45 Stand A/15 - A/16

Lionlift will exhibit its truck-mounted platforms: the GT 21.09 and GX 19.10, both with new, fully hydraulic controls, as well as its GX 22.10, with new electro-hydraulic controls. A GS 18.11 crawler will also be on the stand.

Maber Area 48 Stand C52

Maber makes rack-and-pinion material and personnel hoists.

MAIE Hall 36 Stand C/1 - D/6 Hall 35 Stand RENTAL

Bobcat’s dealer in Italy will display from its line of telehandlers.

Manitou Area 48 Stand D/73 - E/68 - E/73

New to the Italian market is Manitou’s MRT 3050 rotating telescopic handler, the French company’s tallest rotating telescopic handler, with lift heights up to 30 m.

Mediapoint & Communications Area 42 Stand 20

Access International’s Italian representative is exhibiting in the media hall, with copies of all KHL Group magazines available.

Merlo Hall 30 Stand A/115 Area 48 Stand A/69 - B/70

The new Roto 38.16 telehandler, which adds 300 kg of capacity to the older 16 m lift height 35.16 model, will be a highlight at Merlo’s stand.

Movital 2002 Area 48 Stand A/49

This dealer sells JLG self-propelled and GSR truck-mounted AWPs.

Niftylift Area 45 Stand B/28

The UK manufacturer is exhibiting with Leader.

Officine Piccini Area 48 Stand A/9

Officine Piccini will exhibit from its line of telehandlers.

Oil & Steel Area 44 Stand F/28 - G/23

Oil & Steel’s stand features new models from its Eagle S truck-mounted range, with working height to 62 m and out reach to 32 m. Look also for the restyled and now hydraulically controlled 21 m working height Snake 2112 City truck-mounted model. Showing too will be the company’s restyled Octopussy series of crawler mounted platforms.

OP Pagliero Area 44 Stand E/40 - F/27

Pagliero will display seven Multitel machines, including the 65 m working height J2 365 TA; two 20 m, double telescoping knuckle boomed MX200s, recently adapted for Nissan Cabstar and Iveco carriers; and the 16 m 160 ALU DS, also adapted for the Cabstar.

Oxley Area 42 Stand B/2

Oxley will show its vertical mast compact platform. It also sells new and used platforms and rents platforms.

Palazzani Hall 36 Stand B/79Area 44 Stand A/64

Palazzani will exhibit its 42 m XTJ 42 and 48 m XTJ 48, the latest models in its Ragno range of spider platforms and available in crawler or wheeled and diesel or electric versions.

Piat Area 48 Stand E/35 - F/34

Piat will exhibit from its range of electric mast climbing platforms.

Platform Basket Area 44 Stand A/56 - B/23

Platform Basket, the new company founded from the old Basket, will show the new, hydraulically controlled version of its 18 m working height spider platform, the Spider 18 A.

Porello Giovanni Battista Area 48 Stand B/56

Porello will exhibit from its range of crawler spider platforms.

RAM Area 42 Stand B/53

RAM will exhibit from its range of platforms.

Rent Up Area 44 Stand A/48 - B/19

Italian access rental company.

Rovers Area 47 Stand A/67

Rovers manufactures mast climbing work platforms and hoists.

Savis Area 44 Stand D/54

This Turin-based company sells new and used aerial platforms and also udertakes platform servicing.

Sequani Meccanica Area 45 Stand B/40 - C/36 - B/44 - C/42

Sequani manufactures booms for trucks and is represented by CTE.

Skyjack Area 45 Stand B/28

Canada’s Skyjack exhibits with Leader.

Sky-High Area 45 Stand B/28

Sky-High from Belgium is represented by Leader in Italy.

Smea.n Area 48 Stand B/75

Smea.n sells and rents self-propelled booms, truck mounted lifts, suspended platforms and mast climbers.

Socage Area 47 Stand A/67

Socage will launch new truck-mounts: its 23 m telescoping boom for 3.5 t GVW carriers, the T23, and a 26 m articulating boom for 6 t carriers, the DA26. Visitors could find there, too, the new 50 m TJ50 articulated boom with telescoping jib.

STP Area 44 Stand C/10

STP will exhibit its ladders, scaffolding, ramps and elevators.

SUP Piattaforme Aeree Area 49 Stand A/27 - B/22

SUP, an affiliate of CMC, will exhibit a 12 m, electric- and diesel-powered crawler spider platform, the first in a planned new range up to 41 m of working height.

Tecchio Area 44 Stand B/40

Padova-based Tecchio manufactures a range of truck mounted platforms, and also mounts lifts on Unimog carriers.

Teupen Machinenbau Area 42 Stand B/

Germany’s Teupen will exhibit its Leo 23 GT, Leo 36 T and Leo 50 GTX spider machines and probably its towable, 9.6 m working height, 750 kg articulated boom, the Moskito.

Terex Area 48 Stand F/112

Centre stage within the Terex stand will be the new Telelift 13 m lift height 4013 SX telehandler. Subsidiary Genie exhibits on another stand (see separate entry.)

Venpa Area 49 Stand A/59 - B/54

Venpa is Italy’s largest aerial platform rental company.

Worldlift Industries Area 45 Stand B/28

Danish manufacturer of the Falcon, Denka and Falck Schmidt range of platforms, exhibiting at SAIE with Leader. AI

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