FCC awarded US$ 1.33 billion Algerian rail contract

By Chris Sleight05 May 2010

FCC in a joint venture with Algerian company ETRHB Haddad, has been awarded the € 1 billion (US$ 1.33 billion) contract to build a 185 km long railway line between the Algerian towns of Relizane, Tiaret and Tissemsilt.

The contract, awarded by the Algerian Transport Ministry is part of the 2009 to 2014 economic development programme promoted by Algeria's President, Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The programme has a budget of € 114 billion, a large part of which is aimed at infrastructure construction.

The new link will be a single track line with maximum speeds of 160 km/h. The route is divided into two sections, with the 121 km Relizane to Tiaret stretch crossing rugged terrain and including five major tunnels. The second Tiaret to Tissemsilt will be 64.2 km.

The project includes the construction of seven passenger stations, five junctions, seven maintenance buildings along the length of the railway, and renovation work on existing stations in Relizane and Tissemsilt.

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