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25 April 2008

The design of the new HMF models allows for the shortest body length while still giving maximum payl

The design of the new HMF models allows for the shortest body length while still giving maximum payload

Product development in the articulating loader, or knuckle boom, sector is traditionally constant and rapid. The last 12 months have been no different and all the major manufacturers have introduced new models and concepts.

Some of the themes in the latest releases include smaller overall size, faster folding and unfolding and the ability for the boom to rise beyond its horizontal position.

New from Italian manufacturer Autogru PM is the 22SP, which, the company claims, “incorporates all the technological innovations developed by PM in the last four years.” The crane is available with up to six telescopic hydraulic extensions, giving a maximum horizontal outreach of 17.35 m and lifting capacity of 700 kg.

Alessio Nannini, marketing manager at Autogru PM, says, “Its main features are really small dimensions, only 229 cm in height, and the lowest weight in its loading capacity category, only 2,690 kg in the six section version.” The compact size, Nannini claims, makes the crane especially suited to construction work as it can be mounted on two axle trucks to a gross vehicle weight of 18 tonnes.

The 22SP has double connecting rods on the two knuckles, which are designed to improve control and load positioning. It has the PM Power Tronic electronic control system, which controls information supplied by sensors and gives the operator information about the crane's condition, both on the control unit, positioned on the crane, and on the remote radio control.

New from Palfinger in Austria are four new long-boom articulating loader cranes. The new models replace the PK 16000 L and PK 19000 L and boast a 15% increase in lifting capacity over their predecessors. All the new cranes are available in three versions.

The PK 21001L has a maximum outreach of 16.1 m and can be fitted with up to four hydraulic extensions. The standard PK 21001 LA has a maximum lifting capacity of 1,780 kg at 10.8 m, the PK 2001 LB lifts 1,300 kg at 13.3 m and the PK 21001 LC picks 940 kg at 15.9 m.

The PK 24001 LA's maximum outreach is 10.8 m where it lifts 2,010 kg, the PK 24001 LB lifts 1,480 kg at 13.3 m and the PK 24001 LC has a maximum capacity of 1,070 kg at 15.9 m. The PK 18001 L has a maximum lifting capacity of 2,050 kg at 8.2 m. The other two variations (PK18001 LA and PK 18001 LB) lift 1,410 kg at 10.8 m and 1,000 kg at 13.3 m respectively.

Lastly, the PK 20001 L picks 2,290 kg at 8.2 m and is joined by the PK 20001 LA (1,600 kg at 10.8 m) and the PK 20001 LB (1,150 kg at 13.3 m). Despite the increase in lifting capacity and reach, Palfinger says that all the new models weigh the same as their predecessors.

Another six

Terex-Atlas in Germany has launched six new hydraulic loader cranes so far this year. The B3-duty-rated AK26.2 and AK36.2 models with 2.6 and 3.6 m reach, respectively, preceded the April launch of similar models, the AK42.2 and AK210.2 with 4.2 and 21 m reach. These two are also rated B3.

Also launched in April was the 21 m-reach AK102.2, which is built to B4 duty rating. The sixth new model is the 118.2 VGL. It has a new arm system designed to be particularly well suited for fast loading of bulky raw materials.

Italian manufacturer Fassi's latest additions to its product line are the F330D and F360DXP. The two new models, which are part of the company's Evolution range, replace the F330B and F360BXP, respectively, and were launched at the Transpotec show in Milan, Italy, at the end of April.

Both the new cranes have a longer maximum outreach than their predecessors and are fitted with Fassi's 'Pro-link' system. The Pro-link (progressive linking) system, allows the secondary boom to rise 15 degrees beyond its horizontal position. The F330D is available in seven versions ranging in maximum horizontal outreach, by using between two and eight extensions, from 8.15 to 20.9 m and has a maximum load moment of 33 tonne-metres.

The F360DXP has the same number of versions and outreach capacities but has a maximum load moment of 36 tonne-metres. Both models can be supplied with RCH remote control and a software system that manages all accessories for the crane.

From Denmark, HMF's latest cranes, the 1244, 1444 and 1643, are designed for the scrap handling and grab markets and were developed using input from key fleet owners, operators and service engineers, the company says. The company claims that this outside input has led to many performance benefits. For example, the addition of double jib rams and high speed hydraulic systems designed for fast and precise operation mean the loader has a higher operating speed than previous models.

The design of the new HMF models allows for the shortest body length while still giving maximum payload. These loaders also offer the optional extra of folding behind the cab while fitted with a clamshell bucket.

Dual control platforms linked by a walkway are designed to offer easy access and maximum operator visibility during operation. A single control platform can be specified.

Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc. (IMT) in the US has added two truck-mounted articulating cranes to its existing line, the 52/380 series and the 72/516 series. With eight hydraulic extensions, both models have a horizontal reach of 67.6 ft (20.60 m) and a vertical reach of 77 ft (23.47 m). The maximum lifting capacity for the 52/380 crane is 26,000 lb (11,796 kg), while the maximum for the 72/516 is 35,500 lb (16,107 kg). Both offer 360-degree continuous rotation.

As an extra option the cranes can have hydraulic jibs, which can give the operator an additional 43 feet (13.4 m) of horizontal reach and 38 feet (11.3 m) of vertical reach on the 72/516 model. With the addition of an hydraulic jib, the 52/380 crane's horizontal reach is 94 feet (28.68 m), and the vertical reach is 102 feet (31.09 m). The 72/516 crane with a jib has a horizontal reach of 110 feet (33.53 m), and a vertical reach of 114 feet (34.78 m).

IMT's decision to produce these articulating cranes was based on growing needs in the field, according to Jim Darr, IMT product specialist.

Two new truck-mounted cranes have been added to the Hiab XS range. The XS 377 handles up to 450 kg at radii to 26 m with the optional jib, and is claimed to be the most powerful crane designed for use on three-axle trucks. It comes with either HiDuo or HiPro remote control, or the manual Duo Control system. The rack and pinion slewing system runs in an oil bath for durability, the JIC couplings are said to reduce service times and large slider pads are used to resist wear on the boom system. The XS 111 is in the 10 to 11 tonne-metre range and is also offered with a choice of remote or manual controls and an intelligent electronics system.

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