Freeley to clear Darlington seat of learning

By Lindsay Gale01 February 2012

(from right) John Dunne, J Freeley Ltd site manager; Michael Freeley, J Freeley Ltd contracts manage

(from right) John Dunne, J Freeley Ltd site manager; Michael Freeley, J Freeley Ltd contracts manager; with members of Darlington Councils project team

Manchester, UK, based J Freeley Ltd has begun demolition activities in Eastbourne in Darlington, where the company is clearing structures on a 4 acre that once formed the Eastbourne Comprehensive School in a four month contract awarded by Darlington Borough Council. The majority of the buildings will be brought down using excavators mounting a range of demolition and material handling attachments. In the early stages of the demolition, the Council's own direct labour teams will remove significant amounts of asbestos from the buildings.

Recycling and environmental considerations are a major part of the project. Architectural components - stonework and bricks - will be recovered for re-use, masonry and concrete will be crushed on site to produce recycled aggregate, in line the latest WRAP protocol, and used on site as fill and to level the site. Wood will be processed at a state-of-the-art recycling plant and reused.

According to director Michael Freeley: "We have a long track record in recycling and minimising the environmental impact of building demolition. In this case our client, the Darlington Borough Council, was anxious that they met their environmental responsibilities and that we conform to the stringent WRAP protocols throughout the demolition contract."

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