Geda lifts for St. Martins

By Euan Youdale23 September 2020

In the UK city centre of Birmingham, St Martin’s Place will provide 228 luxury apartments and work is running at full speed to meet the tight project deadline.

Colmore Tang Construction is using two Geda Multilift P22 personnel and material hoists, from Hoist Hire Services for the duration of the project.


Ged Multilift P22 hoist at St Martin’s Place, Birmingham, UK

The full pre-installed base unit of the Multilift P22, which is composed of a car, enclosure, flat cable bin and drive, is delivered as one unit with ideal dimensions for container loading and HGV transportation. Long assembly times are now a thing of the past, since the machine is ready to go once it is offloaded from the lorry.

The whole installation process is carried out from the easily accessible roof. The off-centre position of the trapdoor in the roof ensures an ergonomic working area. The new assembly cage is practical and useful, with its aluminium box hooked onto the guard rail next to the mast, making the assembly of the hoist, in combination with the usual assembly crane, considerably easier. In contrast to larger passenger hoists, the Multilift only requires a few square meters of floor space and does not require an additional concreted base plate.

With a maximum lifting speed of 54 m/min, the Multilift P22 transports materials with a weight of up to 2000kg or 22 people. The platform size is 1.40m x 3.20m x 2.10m and allows the transport of bulky goods, such as plasterboards for interior work. With the full-width C-door on the side of the machine, loading can be done easily with forklifts and telehandlers.


Geda Multilift P22

The standard automatic control can be replaced with a landing call box or a call control from the landing. The Premium version of the Multilift P22, as owned by Hoist Hire Services comes with state-of-the-art technology and useful features, such as a diagnostic system, showing the exact location of the malfunction on the internal display. To reduce the wear on the toothed rack and pinion, the automatic lubrication device is included as standard.

The project at St. Martin’s Place saw both machines installed to serve a 32m height. For heights up to 50m, the cable is stored in the flat, space-saving cable bin. The patented Geda flat cable system ensures fast and safe transportation of people and materials with the Multilift P22 up to a height of 200m. At construction projects from 100m height, the cable guided by the cable carriage, also patented, ensures reliable operation. Designed as a space-saving device, the carriage provides easy entry height at the lowest landing of only 450mm.

“The high quality of Geda Multilift P22 hoists and the excellent technical support have made a very good impression on us and the customer on site. Our installer teams received their training and support during the installation of both machines directly from the manufacturer,” said Chris Douce, technical & compliance manager at Hoist Hire Services.

Construction works at St. Martin’s Place will be completed around the third quarter of next year.


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