Geda supplies Milan’s ‘vertical forest’

18 December 2012

Italian architect Stefano Boeri designed Il Bosco Verticale with 120 large and 544 medium-sized tree

Italian architect Stefano Boeri designed Il Bosco Verticale with 120 large and 544 medium-sized trees and over 4,000 bushes and shrubs.

Geda has supplied two façade cleaning hoists to the "Il Bosco Verticale" (The Vertical Forest) development in Milan.

Il Bosco Verticale consists of an 11-storey office building and two high-rise apartment blocks with 18 and 26 storeys and heights of 87 and 119 m respectively. Both the residential buildings are equipped with huge reinforced concrete balconies, which are planted with numerous flowers and shrubs creating the appearance of a vertical forest.

The foliage will produce oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide, as well as providing future residents with protection against wind, noise and dust, and offer shade in summer months.

However, the vertical forest does present its own challenges when it comes to façade cleaning and maintaining the plants. Therefore, construction company ZH General Construction Company AG recommended acquiring two hoists from Geda.

Two Geda-FBA F-TH-4-F have been installed permanently over the treetops of the two residential buildings. The façade cleaning hoists have a load factor of 240 kg and an outrigger reach of up to 26 m. The hoists can safely transport two people in the personnel lift along the façade. From the lift, the fronts can be cleaned at any height and the trees and shrubs on the balconies can be cut.

Il Bosco Verticale is part of the Porta Nuova city development project in Milan. The residential buildings will be ready for occupation by the end of this year.

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