Hyundai's warning

11 April 2008

Following a lengthy investigation Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe (HHIE) has established that several non-compliant Hyundai machines have been imported into Northern Ireland.

A company spokesman told CE that, “These grey imports are not coming through our official channels, they are not CE compliant and we will not be offering any warranty on these products. We would advise people not to buy them.”

According to Hyundai, the issues impacting on non-compliance of the 16 unofficially imported machines include, potential health & safety liability for those operating non-compliant machines, insurance issues impacting on machines that do not comply with European legislation, no European noise suppression specification, no safety valves, no Stage IIIA emission compliant engines, no CE Mark, no engine pre-heating system, operating joysticks that do not conform to the European ISO pattern, no English manuals, specification differences between these machines and other European machines, and the fact that spare parts would have to be sourced from Asia.

The model and serial numbers being offered for sale, are: R210LC-7 S – Nos: N60716640, N60716641, N60716642, N60716646, N60716647, N60716648, N60716658, N60716659, N60716667, N60716668; R320LC-7 S – Nos: N90111005, N90111006, N90111007, N90111008; and R500LC-7 S – Nos: NB0210139, NB0210140.

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