Integrated Logistics in 771 tonne lift

By Laura Hatton21 February 2014

Heavy lift and cargo company Integrated Logistics, headquartered in Kuwait, use a Terex CC 8800-1 cr

Heavy lift and cargo company Integrated Logistics, headquartered in Kuwait, use a Terex CC 8800-1 crawler crane to lift hydro treating reactor at a the Yanbu Export Refinery, Saudi Arabia

Heavy lift and cargo company Integrated Logistics, headquartered in Kuwait, used a Terex CC 8800-1 crawler crane to lift a hydro treating reactor at a the Yanbu Export Refinery in Saudi Arabia.

The CC 8800-1 has a lifting capacity of 1,600 tonnes and a maximum load moment of 24,002 tonne-metres. Its superlift radius ranges between 19 and 30 m and when configured with a SWSL luffing fly jib, the crane has a maximum boom length of 216 m. The crane has two engines and can be fitted a TWIN kit to increase lifting capacity to 3,200 tonnes.

In addition the crawler is fitted with the IC-1 control system, which has a touch screen control, ground pressure indicator and auto-diagnostic functions for on-site troubleshooting.

Integrated Logistics was hired to carry out the work by the Daelim Industrial Company, based in Saudi Arabia. For the project the crawler was transported 1,250 km from Kuwait to the refinery. In total, 67 flatbed, 20 low bed and two hydraulic trailers were required to make the trip, which took seven days to complete.

Christian Kassner, international sales manager at Terex Cranes, said, “The crane design takes into account transport requirements for virtually every market in the world. Every component is less than 3.5 m wide, and most components have a shipping weight of less than 40 tonnes.”

Mr Manoj, DGM operations for Integrated Logistics, said, “Timely completion was important on this project since there was little margin due to heavy competition at the bidding stage. We appreciated the relative ease and speed in which the crane was transported and rigged.”

Once the components of the crane arrived on site, the CC 8800-1 was assembled in preparation to lift the reactor. The reactor weighed 771 tonnes and was 67 m tall and had a radius of 3 m. To carry out the lift the crawler was configured with a 78 m main boom and 640 tonnes of superlift counterweight, including 295 tonnes of counterweight on the superstructure and 60 tonnes on the central ballast. Counterweight radius for the tray was set at 25 m, a company spokesperson added.

In addition, two 800 tonne hook blocks and one 1,000 tonnes Crosby shackle were required to lift the reactor, increasing the lift weight to 810 tonnes. It took six days to assemble the crawler.

On the day the lift was carried out, wind speeds were recorded at less than 7 metres per second (15.7 mph), within the CC 8800-1's maximum wind speed rating of 9.8 metres per second (21.9 mph).

Despite the decent weather, there were challenges on site, including site congestion and construction activity, a company spokesperson said. A result of this meant that the working range during the lift ranged from 3 m to a maximum 24 m.

The 771 tonne reactor was lifted and installed in its final position within a day. Once the job was completed the CC 8800-1 was dismantled ready to be transported to Integrated Logistics’ headquarters in Kuwait. In total the crane was on site for 10 days.

Commenting on the project, Manoj said, “Using the CC 8800-1 as the main crane, we maintained a lifting speed of approximately 2 meters per minute. The accuracy of the crane’s control system for this project helped with the lift.

“The reliability, manoeuvrability and accuracy of the CC 8800-1 were excellent, and made it the right crane for this project. The crane’s performance was appreciated by everyone who witnessed the project, including those from the Yanbu Refinery and Daelim Industrial Co.”

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