Integrated solutions from Deutz

By Sandy Guthrie18 April 2013

Two wheeled loaders on the Atlas Weyhausen stand at Bauma have the Deutz’s hydraulic start-stop syst

Two wheeled loaders on the Atlas Weyhausen stand at Bauma have the Deutz’s hydraulic start-stop system

Engine manufacturer Deutz is unveiling a strategic programme of Integrated System Solutions (ISS) at Bauma.

Deutz said the idea behind ISS is that a range of complementary product solutions and services should integrate the diesel engine and the exhaust aftertreatment system (EAT) into the final product’s driveline in the most effective way possible.

Two wheeled loaders at the show from Atlas Weyhausen, Deutz’s partner, are equipped with a hydraulic start-stop system. This AR 85e wheeled loader and the AR 60e are powered by Deutz TCD 3.6 and TD 2.9 which generate 80kW and 49kW respectively at 2,200rpm.

Start-stop hybridisation automatically switches off the engines at zero load. When load is applied again, the hydraulics immediately restart the engine. This avoids lengthy idling periods which are typically experienced with compact construction equipment, and it reduces fuel consumption, according to Deutz.

It added that skilful optimisation and system integration of the diesel engine and the equipment's own hydraulic system produced hybrid diesel-hydraulic drive solutions, allowing construction equipment to achieve considerable improvements in performance and fuel consumption.

In a hybrid diesel-hydraulic system, a special pressure reservoir takes on the role of the energy storage unit. Intelligent system optimisation and electronic controls permit excess energy from the hydraulic system, for example when braking or operating under reduced load, to be temporarily stored in the pressure reservoir.

When the equipment has to carry out its next manoeuvre, the electronic controls actuate the pressure reservoir, ensuring that hydraulic power is supplied and reducing the load on the diesel engine. In addition to considerable enhancements in equipment performance, said Deutz, fuel consumption improvements of up to 20% can be achieved, depending on the application and load cycle.

Also at Bauma, Deutz has revealed a hybrid excavator produced with its partner Terex – it is manufactured by Terex Fuchs and equipped with a Deutz hybrid system.

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