July 2019: Spotlight on…Remarketing

30 July 2019

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A clever form of marketing, Remarketing allows advertisers to serve online banners to an audience they know are interested in their industry, with relevant messages. By tracking visitors from a ‘host’ website, in this case www.khl.com and all of its pages, Remarketing allows you to follow visitors to other websites and, where possible, post banners to promote their message in a subtle manner.

Benefits of Remarketing:

  • Reduces wastage: ads/banners are only served to a visitor to a KHL website, so you know they are interested in the construction sector.
  • Customise adverts: personalise messages to those visitors to certain parts of the KHL websites
  • Brand awareness: add another contact point with a potential customer to help reduce the sales cycle
  • Geographic: its possible to ensure that only visitors from certain regions can see your ad, so you can tailor your message to specific languages or cultures
  • Device: you can just target desktops, tablets or cell/mobiles if preferred
  • Campaign reporting: up to the second data on how your project is going

Here is an explanation of how Remarketing works:


Intrigued? Contact me today to find out more and book in a free demonstration.

Contact Simon Kelly, ICON Sales Manager, on +44 (0) 1892 786223 or simon.kelly@khl.com

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